The Magnetic Ocean Quavering in the Human Body

July - Aug 2010

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Human Body is a wonderful creation of the supreme creative power. It is endowed with all the physical and conscious energy forms existing in the universe. The living system of human body can be identified as a grand magnet or as a moving electric powerhouse. The   human-magnet through its vital energy can affect and get affected by others. An in-depth study and controlled utilization of such effects at (bio)physical and subtle levels offers challenging and important research problems in advanced sciences.

The source of biomagnetism in our body gains energy from the earth’s gravitation, similar to what the latter gains from the Sun. All the universal magnetic forces affect the (bio)magnetism of a human body. Vital energy levels of a person vary according to the biomagnetism of his/her body.   The visible effects of reduction in this magnetic power are – dullness in eyes, spiritless face, dry skin and lethargic body.  Feelings of oblivion, illusion and fatigue are common in persons with weak biomagnetism.  Elevated levels of biomagnetism, on the other hand, give rise to corresponding increase in the general vitality, charm, enthusiasm, sound memory and intelligence.  Persons having more powerful biomagnetism naturally attract and influence the weaker ones.

The reception of cosmic radiations by human-psyche is also characterized by the individual’s biomagnetic quality.  The North Pole of the ‘Human Magnet’ is said to reside in the brain.  The formation of an aura (halo of light) around this vital organ is a result of an upward bioelectric flow near this subtle pole.  The South Pole of this living ‘magnet’ is situated near the genital organs.  The sexual activities are controlled by the vital energy through this pole.  Excessive stimulation of this pole results in severe loss of vital energy.

The body’s biomagnet can be made more powerful by a consistently upward flow of the vital energy.  Dr. Albert Abraham of San Francisco had defined the human body as a   whirlpool of magnetic energy waves.  A living human body continuously emits and absorbs these energy waves from its surrounding fields.  Dr. Abraham’s research indicates that the rate of emission of electro magnetic energy through a human body is of the order of     80 X 109   cycles per second; the rate of receiving energy from cosmic radiations however, is much higher.  The technique to measure the electromagnetic energy emitted by a body was also developed by Dr. Abraham.  This technique is called Radisthesia.  Dr. Abraham’s studies showed that the rate of emission of this energy is maximum in emissions from the brain, eyes, finger-tips (pores of fingers) and the genital organs.

Advanced research in related biomedical sciences has shown that the mutual adjustment of the magnetic fields among various tissues and cellular interactions control the normal/healthy functioning of our body.  The continuous circulation of blood due to the minute iron and other chargeable particles in the   RBCs results in a consistent flow of an electric current.  The electric field generated thereby also creates a (bio)magnetic field inside the body.  The iron and other charged particles thus provide energy for various ionic flows at the cellular and organ levels.  Because of the highly complex but extremely well balanced electromagnetic interactions between the large number of constituent macromolecules, each healthy cell in the human body is like a strong power storage/supply unit.  Any imbalance (due to the intracellular and the extra-cellular ionic flows) in the cells’ electromagnetic activity amounts to a loss of the vital energy, which results in a reduced resistance to various diseases.

A group of scientists working at the Leningrad University have successfully detected the presence of (bio)magnetic fields in the human-body. They argue that an excessive stimulation of such fields in a person may create serious problems for his/her mental and physical health.  John Michael and Robert J.M. Richard have described many incidents of such effects in their book entitled   ‘Mysterious Phenomena’.  Some of these incidents are described below in brief.

Several decades ago, the investigators at the Ontario Medical Association, Canada had observed a case of one Ms. Carolina Clair who possessed an excess of biomagnetism.  With a little stimulation her body-magnet was able to attract the iron made substances like knives, spoons, nails etc.  Similar biomagnetism was observed by some scientists in the fingers of a girl student at the Maryland University. She was able to hang a   1 ft x 1 inch iron rod in air by a mere touch of her finger-tips.  Compass needles placed near her used to stop functioning.  Even the people in her proximity would feel being pulled by an unusual force of attraction.

A man named Frank Mac-Quinstry in Joplin, Missouri (USA) was sometimes unable to walk because his feet would stick to the earth in the stimulated state of the sensitive biomagnet of his body.  Pulling off by a stronger external force used to be his remedy in such situations.

Noted psychologist Prof. Victor E. Kromar has investigated the role of mental power (will power) in controlling and utilizing the biomagnetic power of the human body.  The experiences and experiments of   Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer of Germany are well known in this regard.

Due to the non-availability of proper medicines, Dr. Mesmer once found himself helpless in controlling the excessive bleeding through a patient’s body.  In this desperate situation, Dr. Mesmer began to move his hand on the wounded spot; he observed that the bleeding miraculously stopped after a while.  Inspired by this incident, Dr. Mesmer conducted many experiments to study the associated effects.  He concluded that it is some kind of electromagnetic field existing in the tips of his finger that affects his patients’ bodies.  This power was given a name biomagnetism by him.  Dr. Mesmer’s research led to the foundation of   Mesmerism.  Later, Dr. Van Helmond also gained popularity because of his successful experiments on curing various mental and physical diseases by Mesmerism.

The pain-killing treatments given to the German dictator Adolf Hitler and his friend Heinrich Himmler by an Estonian named Kristan are historical examples of the applications of Mesmerism.  Kristan is also said to have used his hypnotizing power on Himmler to liberate over a hundred thousands innocent people who were captured by Hitler.

An expert user of Mesmerism actually influences the will-power and the nervous system of others by his/her own (bio)electromagnetic power. Subtle effects of such experiments lead to the transfusion of the prana (vital energy) of the performer into the body of the patient.

The Greek saint and doctor, Hippocrates had great faith in the power of vital energy.  His philosophy states that — as the body survives because of the power of the soul, it should not be difficult to cure and regulate its healthy state by using the vital energy supplied by the consciousness. A Scottish philosopher, Mr. Maxwell had a similar belief.  He had opened a training centre for spiritual healing.  Another European named Eschulepious was famous for his treatment that included a few sessions of touching a patient and exhaling on the latter’s mouth.  An English priest named Father Dueda was also known for similar expertise.  A London based gardener named Lenhart gained popularity due to the healing-effects of his finger-tips.

In the recent past, a group of Parapsychologists headed by Dr. Thelma Moss has experimented on some spiritual healers including the celebrities like Dr. Marshal Warshey.  Dr. Warshey, a urologist by profession, was known in the Western world for creating ‘liveliness’ in the patients by a mere touch of his fingers.  Many otherwise incurable complaints of headaches were also reported to have been cured by this spiritual healer.

Transcendental Energy Transmission :  The Basis of Latent Influence
The immense physical power of the vital energy has been discovered and investigated by different groups of scientists under different names such as — Biomagnetism, Bioplasm, Actoplasm, Bioflux etc.  The manifestation of this power is negligible in plants and other organisms as compared to that in the human beings. Dr. Kirlian and Dr. Thelma Moss have chromo-recorded these energy fields around the human body by using the Kirlian and Argon photographic techniques.  Theosophists call this ‘energy-cover’ as the Etheric Double.  The intensity of this Biomagnetism or vital energy field enhances with one’s spiritual growth.

The importance of the effects of keeping good or bad company is well known.  Apart from the information, suggestions and support given by a friend, the subtle influence of his/her personality plays a major role in creating positive or negative effects.  The influence of one’s personality, though subtle in nature, is as true as the effects of — warmth around the fire-place, fragrance around flowers or irritation caused by the burning of red chilly powder etc.

Persons with strong character, willpower and bright and alert mind have a natural influence over their surroundings.  The subtle effects of their vital energy are also found to exist in the material things being used by them.

Small children, because of lesser use of their vital energy, are more prone to the positive (or negative) effects of the good (or bad) personalities of their elders.  The biomagnetism of men and women of the same age group have a natural mutual attraction.  Sexual intercourse accounts for a loss in the vital energy of both.  The percentage of this   loss is more in men because of the ‘repulsive’ (outwardly oriented) nature of their biomagnetism as compared to the ‘attractive’ (inward) biomagnetic force of their opposite sex.  The sexual thoughts and feelings also cause a harmful effect as far as the loss of vital energy and its subtle strength are considered.  Control over such thoughts and acts, therefore, is necessary for the proper development and utilization of vital energy in spiritual practices.

Great personalities, truly endowed with spiritual powers, can even influence the inner self of others.  They carefully transmit their vital energy to the deserving devotees and bring miraculous changes in the latters’ personalities for the upliftment and welfare of many others thereby.

The powers of the blessings of ancient Indian sages and their abilities of saktipata and   Anudana signify the instances of the determined transmission of their ‘all-powerful’ vital strength.  The development of the glorious personalities like   Swami Vivekanada, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, King Chandragupta and King Shivaji by their spiritual masters are examples of the abovementioned subtle energy transmission process.

Many examples of prophecy, premonition, intuitions, clues in dreams etc are available in modern world history; which have resulted in miraculous escape from natural hazards, important scientific discoveries and resolutions of complicated criminal cases etc. in a significantly large number of incidents.  These also are manifestations of the subtle reception and transmission of the universal vital energy in human body, mind and consciousness.  

The spiritual practices associated with the processes of subtle energy transfer (saktipata) are described in detail in the ancient Indian Scriptures viz, Yogachoodamani, Tejbindupnishada, Gyan Sankalini Tatva, Hathyoga Sanhita, Rudra Yamal Yantra, Yoga Kunkalyopnishada, Sharda Tilak, etc.

May the modern science carry out research in the light of these spiritual insights to make a fruitful use of the immense energy indwelling every human being towards global welfare and elevation of humanity?

Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding is the third.

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