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          An evening of January 1991 in Powai, Mumbai! Hundreds of scientists, technologists, students and other staff of the IIT Bombay were engrossed in listening to the talk of an equally bright disciple of Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya.  The curiosity was extreme as it was hardly 24 hours since the onset of unexpected war between Iraq and the United States of America.  The world was holding breath with unprecedented fear on what shape the battle would take? When and how Russia  (USSR) and Germany would react? When will the allies join the USA? Will the rest of the gulf be a mute observer? Several such questions were puzzling everybody’s mind. Hidden beneath all news bulletins, war experts’ analyses, political debates, etcetera, was an apprehension of petroleum crisis, economic crash and a horrifying suspicion of a possible third world war…    
       It is in such moments of threat or adverse circumstances, which appear beyond one’s control that one often remembers God, visits shrines, participates in mass prayers and seeks guidance from spiritual masters and saints. Perhaps this was the reason for larger than expected audience of a talk broadly pertaining to scientific spirituality.   In view of the audience’s natural query in the suddenly changed global scenario, the organizers had made special request to the speaker to focus on role of spirituality in the times of War and Peace.  The eloquent talk conveyed clear message of the Yugrishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya that the Supreme Creator will not let this beautiful world be tragically destroyed by the nuclear, chemical, biological or other devilish warfare. 
        It might have sounded like utopia to most people among the audience to hear a confident, authoritative statement in those delicate war-prone moments that – “although the war will continue for few weeks, but as per Yugrishi’s prophecy there will be no world war”. When even the expert analysts of global recognition were so uncertain about the unpredictable course of the war, how could Gurudev (Yugrishi) foretell about it with such a remarkable certainty? How could his scientifically trained disciples have absolute faith in what he predicted? More surprising is the fact that Gurudev had made several such predictions decades before he voluntarily left the physical body in June 1990. Many of his earlier predictions have also withstood the tests of time. 

        Those who have had the opportunity to be associated with him for sometime must have witnessed his supernatural vision beyond the barriers of time and space.

          During the War of 1971 between India and Pakistan, the cold-war between the two super nuclear powers had also got ‘heated up’.  The Pentagon had launched its much-talked-of seventh warship (S³tav³n Jah³zi Beó) towards the Indian Ocean to help its ‘satellite country’. Every nautical mile traversed by the gigantic warship equipped with high-tech strategic gadgets was aggravating the threat and compounding manifold the concerns of the Indian Army. The next morning Gurudev declared in his discourse that the great rishis, Himalayan Yogis, will not let anybody’s evil intentions succeed in attacking the land of divine philosophy and culture.  

         Later in the day he called the senior disciples and informed them about his exceptional s³dhan³F1 in absolute silence, without taking any food and water. He instructed them not to disturb him during this special spiritual endeavor even if it continues for several days.  He started the supernormal s³dhan³ experiment before the dawn of the next day to prevent the mishap. Within 48 hours of his sublime spiritual experiment, the American warship mysteriously reversed its direction! It was and astounding event for the world. The strategic planers and defense experts too could not quite understand what could have been the reason for this U-turn by the Pentagon or what made White House suddenly annual its decision?   
         Another event that raised global concern and curiosity was the fall of the sky-lab in July 1979.  Two days before the American space shuttle failed in elevating this first of its kind space-lab to safer altitude failed and it became apparent that the giant structure or its debris (of   tones) would fall randomly, Gurudev had asked all the disciples present in Shantikunj, Hardwar to collectively initiate a G³yatrº AnuÌÚh³naF2 jointly with him to generate a flow of sublime power-current in Nature necessary to counter an unprecedented threat likely from the space. People over there thought it might be some meteor-explosion, supernova effect or some astrologically negative signal. But soon the reason was obvious to everyone when the newspapers and radio broadcasts broke the news. The major fear was the alarming danger of devastation that was almost sure to be caused by the debris of the huge structure (91 metric ton weight, orbital mass over 77000 kg and 282 cubic meter habitable volume) that was now falling towards the earth. 

        Gurudev disclosed that the experiment was much more than mass prayers to minimize the loss due to the crash.  He explained that no one could deny the Laws of Nature and hence the gravitational force. Given that the sky-lab has begun falling down, the best thing we aim is to divert its trajectory to prevent the likely disaster and cease the tragedy. For example, instead of destroying habitation or jungles on the earth, it may be plunged in an ocean, he explained.  

      The super-sonic force generated by the simultaneous japa of Gayatri Mantra by dedicated s³dhakas is so intense that if focused, it can even propel a spacecraft. Those who have experienced the rare energy vibrations and extrasensory currents in the Himalayan region or in the vicinity of great yogis may understand the point better than those who consider the material based science as ultimate reality. Well, irrespective of the arguments for and against such possibilities, what is remarkable without any scope for debate here is that more than twelve hours before the giant space lab entered the earths atmosphere, Gurudev confidently declared that now the purpose of the AnuÌÚh³na is accomplished, the fall will be safe – plunging in the Indian Ocean. The validity of his foretell is what the world witnessed — without any control of NASA, Russian Space Agency (RSA) or any other observatory or space research centre, the skylab (debris) submerged in the south of Indian Ocean!   

           Gurudev Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya was a true saint. Despite being a siddha of Gayatri and Yoga at the preeminent level of the rishis (seer-sages) of the Vedic Age, he kept his supernatural powers away from publicity and lived an austere life of a devotee whose heart pulsated for the welfare of all living beings. Millions of people in agony or those suffering from adversity of circumstances, as well as the seekers of spiritual light used to go to him with their prayers. No one returned empty handed. His divine blessings, pure love and enlightening guidance fulfilled their lives with happiness, self-awakening and miraculous support from the visible and the subtle worlds. Several volumes of thousands of pages would be required if one attempts to compile the experiences of all those who had ever had the opportunity to meet this rishi of our times (Yugrishi).  His life was an open book that stood as a living testimony to the universality of the science of spirituality.              

          Until the past few decades, the possibilities of   happy future were dimmed by the thick smog of doubts and despair caused by the terror of nuclear wars, star-war, economic crisis, diminishing natural resources, unabated environmental pollution, population explosion and the rising hazard of natural calamities because of disruption of the harmony of the ecosystem…. It was impossible to imagine how the course of events of would ever be diverted or controlled before the ‘dead-end’.  But, the speeches and writings of this Yugrishi always showed a silver line of hope….

          The spiritually empowered acumen of this angelic saint had a reach in the realms of subtler world. Future was apparent before his eyes like projection of a movie on the screen in front. However, he foretold about the future events only when it was a must to make people aware of their duties and preparations well in advance.  Collection of his discourses[1] and his articles in the Gayatri Pariwar’s core monthly magazines “Akhand Jyoti” and “Yug Nirman Yojna” – especially some issues after 1980 – give clear indications (e.g. see the translations of some excerpts in the following and in Chapters 2 and 3 of this book) of the golden future but the crucial times at the juncture of the changing eras.  

        His style of writing was so lucid and convincing that his prophesies also used to sound like logically drawn conclusions. It’s amazing to note that way back in late 1960s he had given clear hints about likelihood of immuno-deficiency disorders what we now know as AIDS. The breaking of the Berlin wall, disintegration of USSR, etc were also foretold by him in these magazines. Translations of some related excerpts[2-4] of these are presented here.  

         “Nature has its own ways of maintaining the balance necessary for the protection and evolution of life on the planet where it has bestowed enormous resources for its sustenance and expansion. The growing pleasure-driven tendencies and comfort-hungry lifestyle in the consumerized, self-centered society today should be cautiously checked. If man does not discipline his habits and sensual lust, it might happen that his body’s natural defense mechanism itself would revolt against him. Then, there won’t be any escape from the dreaded consequences!”    
         “Few hundred years till the midst of nineteenth century before have seen the world of blood-shed revolutions, fanaticism and horrifying wars. The echoes of the two world wars seem to have overshadowed the constructive powers of scientific developments too.  But Remember! The Creator of the World is superior to all super-powers here. The revolutionary impulse of change inspired by HIM has propagated at the spiritual level and is soon going to manifest itself in the form of revolution of thoughts.  I can see it that those preparing for ‘head-on collision’ of their mighty high-tech weaponry with the rivals will soon understand the self-destructive risk of such daring attempts and will instead tilt towards an approach of negotiation….”. 

         “The influence of the cosmic evolutionary force of the Omnipotent can bring epochal changes, which are beyond our imagination…. One can’t believe today that the wall between the East and West of Germany will break for unity and peace.  Why a mighty power like the USSR would let itself disintegrate? How would then the other superpower be checked?  But we shall soon see that all these will happen.  The other superpower will not be able to save its economic interests without giving due share to the interest of the developed countries. Its declining cultural and social values will also compel it to invite manpower from rest of the world and alter its socio-economic trends of luxurious possession. Victory of democracy even in the countries, which are ruled by military or imperialism since long, will also become a visible reality….”.  

      “Emancipation of women will no longer be only the matter of discussions in intellectual forums or handful of activists in social organizations.  Rise of women power will be significant in the regional and global scenario”.                   

         While referring to the future, he always warned about the testing times that need to be faced bravely and with adept preparations before the dawn of the new era. He often used to say – “the dawn of the new era is like the birth of a new baby for which the Mother Nature (and hence every living being here) will have to wait and also prepare to bear the ‘labor pains’….”.

         The period between 1980 and 2010 was referred by him as crucial for that purpose.  “Best possible attempts from the political, social, scientific, economical fronts should no doubt be accelerated but the most vital need of this critical phase is devout endeavors of spiritual awakening by the saintly souls and their followers. Without which the sins, the evils the follies of mankind that have put the globe on the verge of extinction cannot be rectified”. 

         Apart from hundreds of reformative, educative and reconstructive programmes for the welfare of the masses he motivated and enabled people elevate their inner strength and inculcate virtuous tendencies by G³yatrº S³dhan³. Dissemination of the philosophy and practice of Yagya in scientific light was another milestone of his divine mission that inspired the masses towards altruistic service and organized activities for eradication of blind customs and expansion of knowledge.  
         Noted among the majestic spiritual experiments guided by him is the Yuga Sandhi Mah³puraïcaraña of total 2400 crore japa (rhythmic enunciation with meditation) of the Gayatri Mantra by collective participation of millions of s³dhakas across the globe around the sunrise time every day during 1980-2000.  Although his sukÌmºkaraña s³dhan³F3 alone was sufficient to create suitable ambience and generate the necessary flow of spiritual energy for the grand transformation, the objective of this group- s³dhan³ was to awaken the force of collective consciousness and train the potential torch-bearers of the new world order. Acharyashri 

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