Divine Message of Vedas Part 2

virtuous deeds. Man can get eternal joy only by using it for good deeds. There are innumerable types of moral injunctions in the Veds and their essence is that man should always progress in life and should never have a downfall. It is the duty of every man to give up all types of vices and wicked tendencies. To achieve freedom from the demons of selfishness, greed, attachment, arrogance etcetera which grip the soul, strong will-power is required. The soul and mind can become cleansed and pure only by freedom from them. The maximum emphasis has been laid on the strength of will- power in the Ved-mantras. Man can fulfil all his desires only by performing austerity, spiritual-endeavour, hard labour and with mental firmness. Ambition gives an idea about a man’s power or ability, but alongwith that the spirit of selflessness and sacrifice is necessary.

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