Support is Needed For Self Evolution

SUPPORT IS NEEDED FOR SELF-EVOLUTION rrhe credit for higher qualifications is generally given to the student's own hard endeavour, though factually, the success also depends indirectly on the extraordinary role played by guardian's dedication and expertise and hard work of teachers. It is true that welfare of a person and development of personality are by and large related to person's own thinking, character, behaviour, strong determination and courage. Nevertheless, in this process, some indirect paranormal influences and divine grace too take part, a communication with which is established through the medium of the spiritual guide known as Guru. The latter builds up the foundation for strengthening power of faith and devotion (shraddha) in the disciple. It is this attribute of Shraddha with the help of which the disciple is able to achieve his spiritual goal without difficulty. In this element of shraddha are hidden infinite possibilities. Profound faith of Meera had compelled the deity Girdhar Gopal to live with her in human form. When Dronacharya had declined to accept Eklavya as his disciple, the latter had sculptured it clay-model of his person and visualizing it as Guru by virtue of shraddha had derived greater expertise from it than Dronacharya himself was capable of imparting. With his shraddha Ramkrishna Paramhans was this to

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