Sensitization Program for Parents

Marriage means not only a union of two bodies but also union of two souls. This is a spiritual endeavor. The basis of spiritual progress is love. A man is an ideal man in proportion to the deep and pure love in his heat. Devotion means sentimental love for God and a devotee means a lover of God. The spiritual endeavor of love for God is to make our life full of divine sentiments of love. Only love is God. The experience of God in mans heart is expressed as a surge of love. The practical experience of this spiritual grandeur of love learnt in childhood is possible only in the laboratory of married life. Unique inseparable belonging and dedication for each other, faith, goodwill and equality and faithfulness makes the life full of love and warmth. A sense of belong in gness is a unique feeling. The one for whom this feeling develops becomes very dear to us. The husband and wife do have human weaknesses and faults, but if they understand the aim of life, there is mutual sense of belong in gness, dedication, unity of effort and the householder's life progresses with joy.

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