Pragya Tales for Children (Part 2)

During the past 79 years, the Gayatri Pariwar Mission has traveled a long way spreading its ideology of resurrection of morality and righteous hinking in global society through dissemination of spiritual disciplines of Gayatri and constructive efforts of mass awakening. Today, it has grown into a grand family of millions of members belonging to different classes, creeds, color, race and faith and residing in different parts of the world. Behind the spectacular progress of mission’s ideology amongst the masses was active participation of thousands of dedicated youth of India. With its sight on the destined Golden Era of 21 century, foreseen by the seer-sage, Yug Rishi Pandit Sriramn Sharma Acharya, the mission has planned to bring out literature on the science of spirituality for the young citizens of tomorrow. The illuminating literature, motivating teachings and sermons of the Yug Rishi encompasses almost all topics pertaining to happy progress and enlightenment of human life. The present publication is compiled for children based on his inspiring teachings. It is hoped that it will be useful in making the children as responsible citizens in the forthcoming Golden Era of human values

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