The Life Beyond Physical Death

Life is eternal. Considering "Death" - the cessation of functions of physical body, as the end of life is a great delusion. The soul (Atm ³ ), which is the beholder of bio-energy in the physical body, is ageless, tim eless and indestru ctible. The fear of "Death" ensues from the m isconception th at with the end of physical existence, th e individu al loses its identity in totality. A firm conviction in the continuity of lif e in future absolves m an from the fear of "Death". Man is afraid of m any things, but the fear of death is supr eme, the very thought of which makes hi m shiver. The reason for this unus ual reaction is the ignorance about the environm ent of life beyond the physical death. In th is book an attem pt has been m ade to rem ove these m isconceptions and enlighten m an about the facts he is curious to know about the unknown future

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