काय-ऊर्जा एवं उसकी चमत्कारी सामर्थ्य

Human body is a wonderful creation of the supreme natural power. It is endowed with all the physical and conscious energy forms existing in the universe. The living system of human body can be identified as a grand magnet or as a moving electric powerhouse. The human-magnet through its vital energy can affect and get affected by others. An in-depth study and controlled utilization of such effects at (bio)physical and subtle levels offers challenging and important research problems in advanced science. The source of biomagnetism in our body gains energy from the earths gravitation similar to what the latter gains from the Sun. All the universal magnetic forces affect the biomagnetism of the human body. Vital energy levels of a person vary according to the biomagnetism of his/her body. The visible effects of reduction in this magnetic power are: dullness in eyes, spiritless face, dry skin and lethargic body. Feelings of oblivion, illusion and fatigue are common in people with weak biomagnetism. Elevated levels of biomagnetism on the other hand, give rise to corresponding increase in the general activeness, charm, enthusiasm, sound memory and intellect. Persons having more powerful biomagnetism naturally attract and influence the weaker ones. The reception of cosmic radiations by human-psyche is also characterized by the latters biomagnetic quality. The north pole of the human magnet is said to reside in the human brain. The formation of an aura (halo of light) around this vital organ is a result of an upward bioelectric flow near the subtle pole. The south pole of the human-magnet is situated near the genital organs. The sexual activities are controlled by the vital energy through this pole. Excessive stimulation of this pole results in severe loss of the vital energy

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