Wonders of Human Bio-electricity

Human body functions as a potential powerhouse. Like the transmission lines of electricity spread all over a township from a power station, there is a marvelous network of circulatory and nervous systems interconnecting the brain to nerves, carrying messages to the brain from sense organs and, propagating brain's response to the corresponding functional units. The relevant information processing it’s of brain instantaneously respond to the stimulus detected by the sense organs or related subsystem of the body and the brain sends signals to the nervous system to react in an appropriate manner. A sting by an insect in the leg is immediately reported to the brain, which directs the muscles in the leg to shake it off with a rigorous movement. Simultaneously, the veins. Hand react to scratch the affected part to increase the circulation of blood for neutralizing the injected irritant and speeding up the process of healing. The nervous system also collects and transmits information about the climatic conditions like cold, heat, movement of air and humidity, enabling the subject to arrange for appropriate shelter or clothing, etc.

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