Vastu Manage it Yourself

Nature has potentially endowed man with the faculty of delving deep into its secrets to be able to ensure good health, happiness and soul progression. The cultivation is a never-ending process, though the momentum, depending upon several factors, keeps on changing. Vastu (vastu) is one such field of occult knowledge that was recognized by the Indian sages (rishis) as the vibratory force of Nature hidden in one's residence and its surroundings. With the increasing curiosity and fascination of people, past few years have witnessed a mushrooming of popular lectures, books and web sites on this holistic discipline of architec-tural principles. However,

because of a commercial approach to exploit mass psychology, there seems to be pro-liferation of misconceptions or half-knowledge about this important subject. This book presents excerpts of authentic knowledge from the Vedic scriptures on "Vastu Shastra" to acquaint the readers with the underlying principles of Vastu with practical guidance for its application.

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