The Extra Sensory Potentials of Mind

The present book has brought in-depth details on the myths and realities of the extrasensory perceptions, supramental talents and supernormal experiences. It is compiled from the translation of the Chapter 6 of the Volume 18 of Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya Vangmaya series. The author has thoroughly attended to multiple aspects of the cosmic evolution of consciousness in the human body, spiritual transmutation of hidden intellect and activation of the extrasensory power centers like the sahastrara cakra and the ajna cakra by different kinds of yoga sadhanas with adept guidance. He has also discussed — along with evidential examples — the possibilities of sudden arousal of supernatural faculties because of the intrinsic mental tendencies and spiritual assimilation since past live(s), and the use of hypnotism and yoganidra in psychic healing, understanding the complexities of human mind and awakening of latent talents.
Several sections are devoted here to the riddles of Nature posed by the mysterious experiences ranging from —the recurrence of past events at specific places, sudden appearance of a ruined kingdom, etc, to — the esoteric existence of siddha pithas (aroused hermitages) in the impregnable domains of the Himalayas, journey of the other worlds through the black holes, etc.

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