Health Tips From the Vedas

Ayurveda – the Vedic Science of Health, is being seen by many as e leading mode of Alternative and Complementary Medicine And Therapy in the future because of its comprehensive approach to the mind-body system. In the ancient times Ayurveda was found effective in inducing kayakalpa (transformation of a diseased or weak body into a young vigorous one) and providing longevity of youthful health and charm. The polluted environment and inability of people to stick to the ascetic disciplines desired for kayakalpa certainly restrain such magical effects. The modern times. However, the holistic healthcare and natural healing offered by this ancient medical science continue to justify its importance in several respects. Moreover, yoga is an integral part of the total healthcare approach under this Vedic Science. Applications of the rapidly becoming popular choice of herbal therapies would a. be incomplete without the knowledge of the original science of these emanated from the Vedas – the Ayurveda. This perhaps is the main reason why more and more people, not only in India but also across the globe, are getting attracted towards Ayurveda.

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