Applied Science of Yagya for Health and Environment

Yagya Therapy is an ethno-botanical inhalation therapy derived from the ancient Medical Science of India, The multiple benefits of yagya experiments include purification of atmospheric environment and healthy fertilization of the soil. Scientific validity and technical evaluation of this Vedic ritual in recent times indicate its enormous potential for reducing air-water pollution and for agricultural and therapeutic aeplications.3• '74". 1.1. Vedic Importance of. Yagya: The philosophy and deeper science of Gayatri (Gayatri) and Yagya (Yagya) constitute the foundations of the Indian Culture and its divine value system bequeathed for global welfare by the Vedic Wisdom. Yagya symbolizes noble deeds and altruistic mode of life that generates and expands benevolence in all forms of Nature. In simple terms, it means giving, distributing and thus expanding the good. The oceans evaporate their water to form clouds; the clouds shower distilled water in return everything in the natural systems works on this principle

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