Mar - Apr 2006

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A True Leader is one who:

1.    Has the confidence of his people.
2.    Has a loving and compassionate heart, and is ready to help.
3.    Has a high ideal and a strong faith and has the capacity to carry with him all those who depend on him.
4.    Is easily approachable and has an amiable disposition.
5.    Looks after the material and spiritual needs of his dependents.
6.    Can infuse confidence, enthusiasm, hope and will to progress in his comrades.
7.    Has wisdom, farsight and foresight to deal with any situation.
8.    Is poised, courageous, determined and enduring in the midst of the toughest battles.
9.    Is simple, frank, upright, straightforward and honest.
10.    Is resourceful in different situations.
11.    Is strict and at the same time considerate in dealing with people.
12.    Is loved, revered and respected by the populace.
13.     Is a visionary with an open mind and has a broad consciousness to embrace everybody in his fold, having professional competence in his field.
14.    Has no self-interest and gives himself – just for service.
15.    Is always ready to sacrifice himself and all his belongings for the good of others.
16.    And has the grace of God.

Sri Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya
(From his book – By The Way, Vol. I with kind permission of Pranab-da: Editor)

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