At the Threshold of the New Age

Jan - Feb 2006

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This issue will be hopefully in the hands of our readers at the advent of the New Year and just before the bursting faith and blossoming of vibrantly luxuriant and multihued Spring (Basant) – when Mother Nature will start pulsating, singing and dancing with the revivified riotously colorful play of Life. “Basanti” color also signifies the spirit of valor, sacrifice and an unconquerable resolve for achievement of noble and lofty aims.

For us, the Gayatri Pariwar Parijans, the Basant Parva which this year falls on February 2, 2006, is of unique significance as it will mark the 80th anniversary of our Gurudev’s initiation into his epoch-changing Bhagirath Sadhana on Basant Parva of 1926 (January 18). This Basant Parva will also mark the beginning of a six-year long intensive collective Tapa-Sadhana, in tune with the call of the Time Spirit (Mahakal) upto Basant Parva of 2012.Purnahuti of this epochal collective sadhana – aradhana – upasana (self discipline, selfless service and remembrance of the all-pervasive Divine Presence) will be spread over a period of one year between Basant Parvas of 2011 and 2012 – as celebrations of the birth centenary of Gurudev. This six-year period is prophesied to bring about revolutionary upheavals and changes in collective human psyche, paving the way for ushering of the Golden Era (Sat Yug) on Earth- when Laws of Divine Spirit (Unity, Love, Light, unalloyed Joy-filled Life) will manifest in human consciousness.

We firmly believe that this period of one year will also see the emergence of an irreversible era of freedom of human consciousness from the dungeon of Darkness into the Resplendent Light of Illumined Awareness.

The Time Spirit has decreed that India will have to play a very significant role in the ushering of the New Era. This is the sacred legacy that has been specifically bequeathed to the Parijans of Gayatri Pariwar by the immortal Rishis (Adepts) of Devatma Himalaya through our Gurudev. It is the youth of India, including millions living abroad as leaders in various specialized fields, who will lead by example (by WALKING THE TALK) the strife-torn, hatred-ridden, deluded, depressed and way-lost humanity into the Era of Truth (Sat Yug), which is beckoning us, even though in our ignorance we do not see the signs or hear the signals. However, those endowed with Seer Vision have unequivocally declared that Dawn is just about emerging on the Horizon. Sri Aurobindo, the seer par-excellence, has declared in his epic poem, SAVITRI:

“A few shall see what none yet understands;
God shall grow up while the wise men talk and sleep;
For man shall not know the coming till its hour
And belief shall be not till the work is done.”

The message and clarion call of Gayatri Mission has spread out not only in all corners of India but throughout the globe through untiring efforts of our dedicated, trained and tested sadhaks. Now the graduates of our Dev Sanskriti Vishwa Vidyalaya (DSVV) are also forming in hundreds the ranks of these crusaders for the spread of this Message of Hope, Harmony, Happiness and Peace amongst all humanity, cutting across divisive barriers of gender, caste, creed, color and fanatic exclusive religiosity.
Let the New Year and Basant Parva be solemn occasions for us Gurudev’s children and torchbearers of his legacy, to re-dedicate ourselves to resolutely work towards the realization of Gurudev’s Vision.

Let us always remember that when the sky appears at its darkest, the Dawn is not far off to shine forth upon us that Love surrounds us and that the Divine Light within us will guide our Way Home.

I would like to conclude by quoting the illuminating poetic words of another mystic seer, Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity School, USA, which aptly sum up the Resolutions and Vision of our own Mission:

“Out of the sordid, the base, the untrue,
Into the noble, the pure, and the new;
Out of all darkness and sadness and sin,
Spiritual harmonies to win.
This is our resolution.

Out of all discord, toil, and strife,
Into a calm and perfect life;
Out of all hatred and jealous fear,
Into love’s cloudless atmosphere.
This is our resolution.

Out of the narrow and cramping creeds,
Into a service of loving deeds;
Out of a separate, limited plan,
Into the brotherhood of man.
This is our resolution.

Out of the bondage of sickness and pain,
Out of poverty’s galling chain;
Into the freedom of perfect health,
Into the blessing of endless wealth.
This is our resolution.

Out of this fleeting mortal breath,
Out of the valley and shadow of death;
Into the light of the perfect way,
Into the freedom of endless day.
This is our resolution.

With Love and Prayerfilled New Year and Basant Parva Greetings to all our readers and parijans,

Pranav Pandya

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