Science and Spirituality Prana and Bioelectrical System of Human Body

Mar - Apr 2005

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An unlimited resource of electrical energy forms the basis of physical manifestation of Nature. The discovery of this fact and persistent efforts to utilize this immense power of Nature has been of great help in scientific and technological developments of our age.  

The space between the earth's strata and the Ionosphere contains positive potential of about   3  105 volts while the earth's interior contains an equivalent amount of negative charge. On an average, every living organism on the earth bears a subtle electrical pressure of the order of 5 volts/m   created by the lowest layer of the Ionosphere situated about 60 km above the earth's surface.  This potential generates an electric current in human body, which is a good conductor of electricity.  The measurements by sophisticated instruments have shown that this current is of the magnitude of 10-16 Amp  Sec/cm2. At a first glance, this small quantity of current may appear to be negligible.  Nevertheless, its effects are incredible because of the existence of some subtle power centers in the human-body as described below.

The scientific exposition presented here is focused on the subtle power centers in human-body whose existence is manifested in the forms of   Bioelectricity and Biomagnetism. The subtle bioelectrical energy provides the vital force for the body's functioning and governs various mental activities. Human body simulates an `Ocean' consisting of infinitely many `rivers' in the form of the Blood vessels and the Nerves.  Each respiratory cycle gives rise to high and low tides of currents in this `Ocean' at an average rate of about   15 cycles/minute.  The technique of electric power generation from the tides and cyclones in the seawater is well known today. However, very few people know that the electric ions inhaled from the surrounding atmosphere during each respiratory cycle give rise to a powerful tide and hence electrical flow within our body.  The ancient Indian sages (Rishis) had a deep knowledge about this current and its utilization for higher purposes.

Our body can be likened to a grand powerhouse.  The brain and the   heart work respectively like the generator and the transmitter of the bioelectricity (ionic currents) in the body.  The bioelectric energy is distributed amongst the body cells as per their functional requirements. This electricity, in conjunction with the (subtle) vital energy of a person, produces the (bio)magnetism which in turn manifests as the  aura ( halo of light ) around one's body and the region of attraction in one's personality.

It should be noted here that biomagnetism is a consciousness-power which can affect the material as well as the conscious forms existing in Nature.  If this subtle vital energy could ever be measured as an electromagnetic energy, it would turn out to be the greatest gift of the Creator of the Universe to the human race.  The spiritual seers and sages of yore had found that the presence of this biomagnetism could be experienced by personal contacts, communication or meditation.  Supernatural abilities can also be developed by controlling and channelising this energy through different spiritual practices.  This energy then also helps in communicating with the subtle realms of consciousness pervading the universe.

The individual consciousness (individual self) is a part of the Omnipresent Supreme Consciousness Force and the extent of the manifestation of the latter via sentiments, thoughts and deeds of the former depends on the level of abovementioned biomagnetic (vital) energy.  The subtle energy is an integral part of all the cellular and molecular constituents of the body.  Its physical existence in all the cells, tissues, neurons, enzymes, glands etc. is as homogeneous as that of the dissolved salt in the seawater.  The overall intelligence, vigor and energetic alacrity, (collectively called ojas) of a person is maintained by this vital energy.  This subtle energy also inspires the radiance (tejas) of thoughts and the divinity (varchas) of the inner self (antahkarana).

Great personalities, with conscious touch with higher spiritual realms naturally have their subtle and astral bodies in an awakened state.  The power of their biomagnetism can be easily seen in terms of the   aura around their physical body, especially around their face and fingers. One finds a divine attraction in them.  Their company inspires godliness in others.  People with low biomagnetism, on the other hand, induce a kind of repelling force and dullness in their surrounding atmosphere.  In spite of good physical looks and body-built etc. they appear to be `lifeless' and abominable. Similarly the biomagnetism of people with negative personal traits (e.g. cruelty or lasciviousness) spreads corresponding harmful effects in its vicinity. 

The Ancient Indian scriptures describe in detail the science, philosophy and methods of practicing various spiritual disciplines of yoga and sadhana meant for increasing the `positive' biomagnetism and thereby nourishing the will-power, intellect and other mental and physical faculties.  These methods deal with micro-subtler forms of the vital mechanisms inside the human body.

Atmosphere above the earth is charged with the strength of a wide variety of energy waves within or beyond the range of the X-, Gamma-, Beta-, Infrared, Ultraviolet or other cosmic radiations.  Human body constantly receives such cosmic radiations and transmits similar ones in the surrounding atmosphere.  Enormous amount of this energy remains stored in the human body and manifests its power in terms of its various macro or molecular functions governed by universal physico-chemical laws.  The powers and capabilities of the subtle human body (a continuum of abovementioned storage of cosmic energies linked with the vital energy) however are unimaginable.  This unlimited source of power remains untapped and unutilized because of our ignorance about its existence. 

Recent scientific research indicates that the   geomagnetic pressure and the electrical field in the earth's atmosphere are essential not only for the biophysical / biochemical functioning of our body but also for our mental creativity.  The feelings of fatigue, dizziness, lack of decision-making abilities observed in the astronauts when they were away from the earth's atmosphere gave rise to the above hypothesis which was confirmed by a series of systematic experiments. In other experiments the astronauts felt perfectly normal while traveling in the spacecrafts wherein the earth’s atmosphere was artificially created or simulated.  

Drs. Den Daniel and Kentberg have shown that longevity and reproductivity also depend on the electrical waves received from the external fields in the atmosphere.  The pollution of natural atmosphere and adoption of an artificial life-style by the human society has resulted in a decrease in the level of the abovementioned electrical flows and the capacity of human beings to absorb these waves. The reduction in the average life of an individual and the increased incidence of impotency in modern age are obvious off-shoots of this imbalance.

The huge electric capacitor of the earth and its atmosphere is called the   Global Capacitor.  This capacitor is dynamic and continuously subjected to electrical fluctuations.  It emits the waves of natural frequency range of about 7 to 8 cycles per second. These waves constantly resonate between the earth's surface and the Ionosphere and give rise to the   Schumann Resonance.  It is a significant coincidence that these waves resemble closely the electrical waves active in the human brain. Both are active at the same frequency. In a book entitled   “The Carcadian Rhythms of Man” the author, Prof. R.A. Ved has described how the biological rhythm of the functions of a human body and the electromagnetic fields in the surrounding atmosphere influence each other.  

Further, a strong electrical field also exists deep inside the Geonucleus.  An electric current of about one ampere flows in each cm2 of this region.  As this current spreads throughout the geosphere it gathers strength and begins to follow a spiral path.   This current gives rise to the electromagnetic storms, which also influence various cellular and molecular components of the human body. 

In fact, our universe contains an orderly and organized system of electromagnetic waves. This universal system not only controls the mutual attraction and movements of various planets at the macro level but is also responsible for all the continuous motions and activities at the atomic and the micro-atomic levels.  Energy in the form of electromagnetic waves exists everywhere in the universal  ‘Ocean’ of Ether, forming an Omnipresent Cosmic flow.  The level of this cosmic energy existing in a person is manifested by the aura around his/her body. One can receive and subtly store any desired amount of the universal vital energy by a proper practice of the Pranayama Sadhana of Yoga, with strong will-power and faith.

The mechanism of absorption of the above energy and the regulation of biomagnetism would become clearer when we consider the following features of the human body.

In continuation of the discovery of genes and neuropeptides, the molecular (neuro) biologists and physicists have also discovered some macromolecules responsible for bioelectric functioning.  It is found that a powerful electrostatic field exists around all tissues of our body.  These electric fields activate the neurons in the brain and, under the energized control of small amounts of neuropeptides, affect the membrane potential across the cells in other parts of the body.

The human body consists of over 751012   cells.  There exists an electrical potential of about 60 to 90 milivolts across the membrane of each cell.  The body is thus a strong electrical powerhouse. Every important function of this system – such as the heart beating, nerve and muscle stretching and contraction, hormonal secretion, information processing by the central nervous system etc involves electrical activity.  During respiration we inhale negative ions, which are absorbed in the blood corpuscles and are spread in the whole body with the circulation of blood.  These ions are discharged back into the atmosphere through the skin pores.  This electrical cycle continues throughout our life.

The Endocrine gland (Sushumna Nadi) is described by the scientists as permanent electric dipole whose negatively charged lower (south) pole resides in the Kava Equina (Mooladhar) in the center of the genital organs and the positively charged upper (North) pole lies in the Cerebrum (Sahastrar).  In all the living organisms the electrical flows through the spinal cord are directed downwards. Distinctly, the human-body alone is suffused with a strong vital energy which if evoked under proper   Sadhana processes of   Yoga would reverse the direction of this flow and strengthen the functioning of the brain by activating the otherwise unused subtle centers of energy existing there.

The total electrical pressure of about 10-5 volts per centimeter exists in the human-body, which is continuously lost by emission through the skin-pores and the genital organs.  This loss could be reduced by dedicated practice of the Control (Sanyam Sadhana) processes of Yoga and Meditation as described in the ancient Indian scriptures.  The electrical energy saved thereby could be utilized for elevating one's biomagnetic level, resulting in enhancement of charm, kinesis, courage, patience, sharpness etc.  Under specific spiritual practices this energy could also be used in awakening the subtle centers of the innermost eternal divine spark existing in every human being. Spiritual adepts examine the personality of an individual by `reading' the (biomagnetic) aura around his/her body and suggest the appropriate line of sadhana accordingly.

The immense physical power of the vital energy has been discovered and investigated by different groups of scientists under different names such as – Biomagnetism, Bioplasm, Actoplasm, Bioflux etc.  The manifestation of this power is negligible in plants and other organisms as compared to that in the human beings. Dr. Kirlian and Dr. Thelma Moss chromo-recorded these energy fields (aura) around the human body by using the Kirlian and Argon photographic techniques.  Theosophists call this `energy-cover' as the Etheric Double.  Supernatural and spiritual powers emanate from this Biomagnetism or Vital energy field.

The practices of meditation and pranayama as described in the ancient Indian scriptures can contribute towards the improvement and control of one's biomagnetism.  Before going in for such practices one must realize that it is essential to avoid any dissipation of this great power of prana and to properly channelise it through strict self-control and refinement of the senses, sentiments, desires and thoughts – by living an austere and pious life.

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