The Spirit of Spring and Awakening of Kundalini - Amritvani

Jan - Feb 2005

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Amrit Vani

The Spirit of Spring and Awakening of Kundalini

(Translation of excerpts from the discourse on Vasanti Panchami day February 1981:
"Vasanti H¿ka, Umang, Aur Ullas Yadi  Jaye Jivan Me")

Let us begin with the collective chanting of the Gayatri Mantra:

“Om Bhur Buvah Swah, Tatsaviturvareñyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi,
Dhiyo Yonah Pracodayat ||”

Sisters and Brothers,

I was referring to the umang
– vibrant enthusiasm and ecstatic emotional thrust – generated in the spring. It emerges from within. It can't be stopped by any attempt. This is what spring brings in Nature. A day of spring had also bestowed a divine umang upon Prince Siddharth. On the one side were his family, the enchanting joys, luxuries and powers of royal life, and on the other was the Call of Time Spirit, the cries of suffering humanity, agonized by ignorance and eradication of true religious values in the world. The umang of Vasant (spring) awakened in his mind and guided him –– if you want to spend your life blindly chasing happiness in worldly joys and attachments, you would have lived a meaningless life; anybody can do it, in fact everybody is doing only that; you should chose the path of awakened awareness. This message of spring drove him towards the search for the path of Deliverance from Suffering; and eventually he succeeded in his search and became The Buddha – The Awakened One.

When umang emerges from within, it erupts like a spark of fire that rises and expands unhindered. It transforms one's life in a stormy way. The Appearance of my eternal Guru, on the Vasant Parva in Febrauary 1926, was also like a sublime cyclone of this immensity.  He flashed before my consciousness my previous lives and before leaving, he blessed me with what is known as "Ïaktipata" and "KuñDalini Jagaraña". Supramental spiritual attainments that require grand ascetic endeavors and sadhana for several lifetimes, were bestowed upon me in a matter of few moments. Everything within me seemed to have been transformed. I could now visualize the world far beyond and quite differently from what I used to see before.  Let me tell you about my KuñDalini Jagaraña (awakening of KuñDalini). 

What is kuñDalini? It is the sublime source of unlimited vital, spiritual energy that remains dormant in most of us.  Yoga Shastras talk a great deal about the sadhnas of KuñDalini Jagaraña. Without going into complications of its hidden science, you must know that most natural expression of ultimate state of KuñDalini Jagaraña is –– awakening of divine attributes in the sadhaka. I therefore regard kuñDalini as sensitivity and compassion; as sagacity and foresight.

Compassion is that which makes one cry with others’ sorrow, which drives one to live for others’ welfare. Sagacity is that which guides one to live a dignified life of a noble human being, who engages his talents constructively in righteous pursuits.  Look for example, at Mr. Kagaba – who is honored as the "Gandhi of Japan". He dedicated all his life in the service of the downtrodden, the helpless; and the patients of leprosy and other dreaded diseases, who are practically abandoned by their families. His karuña (compassion and generosity with saintly love) for them inspired his wife also to join in his altruistic mission. Both of them used to be engaged in this noble mission round the clock without expectation of even gratitude. What enabled this superhuman endeavor? It was the power of karuña, which had sprung up in their hearts. This is what I call the expression of kuñDalini, which produces a zeal, a pain, a thrust; and pulls the individual consciousness out of the smog of all infirmities and selfish attachments.

Whenever the Indwelling Divinity is awakened in an individual, it expresses itself as pain, as sensitivity to share others' agonies, as unbounded love, as karuña. God is not a physical structure or a material creation. It is Brahm – the omnipresent, eternal consciousness force. Consciousness cannot have a material structure or shape. It is most naturally expressed and experienced in pure sensitivity.  What is pure sensitivity? Well, in essence, it is that intrinsic spiritual power which gives rise to viveka (enlightened discernment) and karuña.

If you are sensitive to your duties and have adopted noble moral ideals in your conduct and deeds, your consciousness (being) would work like a sublime magnetic force that would naturally attract spontaneous support from all directions and from everyone and will also invite divine grace. This certainly happens in the lives of saints; this is what manifests in the lives of great personalities like Gandhi and Kagaba.   The history of Indian rishis is an immortal testimony to this fact that –– emergence of karuña in the heart eventually leads to sainthood and divinisation of the ego-bound human self.

The day of Vasant Panchami is full of grand opportunities for noble resolutions and initiatives. This is the day of landmark initiatives for our mission.  Each year, this day sparks a new enthusiasm and a new courage in me that drive me to elevate and expand my efforts with greater zeal to beautify this world, to work for the welfare of all beings. The milestones of our mission's achievements towards social awakening and revival of the divine cultural values have all been initiated through resolutions made on this day; new projects have been undertaken on this very day.  Now, today, we have to take another leap along our forward journey. We should strive single-pointedly to spread the light of true Theism –– faith in divinity, the universal ethics. Disciplines of morality and ethical conduct are integral facets of Theism.

Believing in God means –– having faith in His eternal omnipresence, believing in His absolute Law of Karma. His Law allows us be the architects of our own destinies; His Law is simple –– you reap as you sow. Each one of us could be beatified by His infinite grace; but first we have to abide by His laws that are essential for the ideal maintenance of His creation. This is what theism teaches us. The religious shrines, the methods of worship and devotion are there to help condition our minds, our inner selves ponder over and experience His cosmic consciousness, to know and link ourselves with the divine values. The temples of Gayatri Mata built by us are symbols of the eternal teachings of Gayatri Vidya. Gayatri means ïraddha, viveka, karuña and pavitrata (pavitrata means piety of body, mind and heart).  You should keep the holy pictures of Goddess Gayatri, worship it, pray and meditate before Her with heartfelt devotion and faith. This would gradually induce Her grace and virtues in you. We all should adopt theism in practice and also spread it around us. You all may begin with sincere devotional practices before Gayatri Mata's picture in your own house and also inspire your neighbors to do so.

Theism evolves in brahmvarchas. Brahmvarchas includes –– awakening of the infinite powers hidden or dormant in the inner self by pure ascetic practices (tapa) of self-discipline, self-refinement and self-transformation. The principles of brahmvarchas incorporate –– self-restraint over the sense organs (by observing austerity, fasting, chastity, etc) at the gross level and control and purification of the thoughts, aspirations and sentiments of the inner self, on the subtler levels. This is how tapa generates spiritual energy and activates the latent divinity existing in the individual. I had initiated my brahmvarchas on the day of Vasant Panchami.  In one word, it is a confluence of theism and tapa. Theism means adoption of a moral, righteous life; and tapa means voluntary adoption of hardship, penance, austerity for achievement of high ideals and altruistic endeavors. Brahmvarchas Sodh Sansthan of our mission is a symbol, a place where I want to demonstrate and teach the super-science of brahmvarchas.

I have only two dreams –– inculcation of divinity in humans and creation of divine life on the earth. My supramental attainments of ïaktipata and kuñDaliniI are dedicated only for materialization of these objectives and for nothing else. Blossoming of brahmvarchas in every dimension, every impulse of life – this is incarnation of divinity in the human self.  And what is the descent of heaven on the earth? Well, heaven or paradise is not some God's capital (VaikuñÚha) in the subtle world. It can very well be created on this earth, in the very world we are living in. The ambience and circumstances of a paradise are created wherever good people live in moral discipline, with mutual love and cooperation. I wanted to build a model colony, village or town where elevated personalities could live simple, happy, dignified lives devoted to high ideals; where people could set a living example of what an altruistic, purposeful, glorious life engaged in welfare of all is like? Gayatrinagar, Shantikunj amply demonstrates the realization of this dream. 

If you can't develop sanskaras (virtuous tendencies) in your children, send them here, send them to me. Why? What will I do? Like Rishi Valmiki, I can transform your children into Lava-Kush; can make their mother a blessed tapswini like Devi Sita and endow you with the ideals of Ram-Lakshman.  This is why Shantikunj and Brahmvarchas Ashrams were founded on the auspicious parva of Vasant Panchami, as nuclei of our mission of Yug Nirman for worldwide dissemination of the light of knowledge, theism, and divine Vedic cultural values.

Brahmvarchas Shodh Sansthan has been established to revive the scientific basis and training practices of elevation of vital energy, hidden talents and spiritual awakening of consciousness force by tapaïcharya (tapa).  Gayatri Nagar, Shantikunj has been built for the renaissance of theism by nurturing a community of divine-centered human beings as a model of heavenly ambience on this earth; manifesting the virtues of selflessness, simplicity, duty, service, endurance, benevolence and co-operation their day to day lives.  Thousands of people come here to receive our love, guidance and help; they come here to seek the light of knowledge and wisdom and to get inspirations to progress along the righteous path.

I want to open my heart before you all on this Parva of Vasant Panchami: to share my loving compassion for humanity; to show you the spring of karuña that has erupted in my inner self; to tell you how much compassion is there in its deep folds to make every life noble; to let you see the indwelling divinity. I want to distribute all these divine attributes among you as well. You look at these, experience and test them and if you have courage and quality, come forward and take these beatitudes from me – your Guru. Take home: some peace, some greatness and everything that is noble, sublime, and glorious from here. I want to endow you also with the immense powers of ïaktipata and kuñDalinii that my Guru had blessed me with. May you become worthy of these boons.  This is what I wish for you all on this holy day.


KuñDalini in terms of Yoga Science

In physiological terms, kuñDalini is manifested as a bioelectrical force, as the source of vital energy... We all know that the spinal column is the foundation of our body. The majority of the nerves pass through its hollow. Three important channels – namely, the Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna, described in the spiritual sciences, also exist in the inner core of the spinal column.  Ida represents the flow of negative currents of the vital energy and Pingala the positive... Conjugation of the two is said to constitute the Sushumna. The Three extrasensory currents of spiritual power – Vajra, Chitrani, and Brahm Nadi, flow along the Sushumna. The Brahm Nadi is tied with the dark hexagonal particle in the bottom centre – the m¿ladhara chakra. This hexagonal base is referred as k¿rma in the yoga-scriptures. The coiling of the Brahma Nadi in the k¿rma is termed as kuñDalini or the Serpentine Power in the spiritual science of yoga.

There are six extrasensory power centers along the Sushumna Nadi up to the brain in the upward direction. These are respectively, the m¿ladhara , swadhiïÚhana, mañip¿ra, anahata, viïuddhi and agya chakras. The upper end of the Brahm Nadi unfolds in the reticular activating system in the form of thousand streams.... This majestic spark is what is named the sahastrara – the collection of thousands of rays of cosmic glow. In normal case, the power of kuñDalini remains dormant in the m¿ladhara and supplies only the bare minimum of vital energy essential for physical life. This power needs to be stimulated and electrified to flow towards the higher chakras by dedicated spiritual endeavors of sadhanas.  This spiritual attainment of the highest kind is called KuñDalini Jagaraña. 

The awakened power of kuñDalini is activated in gradually evolving forms in the successive chakras and elevates the sadhaka up to the sublime realms of spirituality and self-realization. Shantikunj Hardwar offers a spiritually vibrant ambience and adept guidance for the yoga- sadhanas of KuñDalini Jagaraña that are ideally suitable and riskfree in the present-day environment of life. 

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