Kundalini : The Serpentine Fire of Super Vital Force

Nov - Dec 2004

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One of the most talked about, mysterious and hard disciplines of spiritual yoga is the kundalini sadhana. The philosophy of this grand sadhana deals with the awakening, transformation and refinement of kama (sex-energy).

The awakened power of kundalini transforms or reorients the psychological components of sexual desire into pure affection, reverence, faith, artistic talents, courage, optimism, valour, tolerance, sense of responsibility, altruism, asceticism, etc. In simple illustrative terms, the control and optimal utilization of the vital power of sex-energy under the disciplines of kundalini sadhana could be likened to the building up of dams and reservoirs for river and rain waters and networking of canals, which not only prevent the calamities of floods but also offer useful irrigation facilities.

Mental impulses of cravings and erotic thoughts are the greatest hurdles in the path of self-discipline and self-control. These need to be curbed and controlled by equally forceful and penetrating positive thoughts and emotional currents. Iron cuts iron. Trenchancy of positive thinking and pure intellect indeed have this power, which, like the divine light of Lord Shivas Third eye can set ablaze the evil instincts of Kamadeva the God of amour, the source of our passions. Swadhayaya and satsang also offer the necessary support for psychological refinement.
These help us to be attentive and equipped with prudent thoughts and firm resolve to counter the onslaught of passionate instincts, illusive and alluring attractions and wayward thoughts as soon as the latter emerge in or attack our mental and emotional world.

A thief dares entering a lonely house or when every one in the house is fast asleep; even a little sound such as a small childs cry or an old mans cough, would scare him away and the fear of someone getting up would force him flee back. If we are alert and prepared with the army of sane, positive thoughts and arguments, no evil instinct, craving or wrong thought could stay for long in our mind. We have to constantly fight this Mahabharata in our inner world. Our wisdom, our discerning thoughts and emotional piety inspired by recalling and pondering over the glorious victories of great personalities in similar circumstances, by the constructive thoughts of our own dignity, of human values, would eventually make us victorious. This is the essence of the eternal and universal message of The Gita given by the Divine Teacher to His friend and disciple Arjuna.

The power of kundalini is described in the spiritual literature as the source of kama, the creative sex energy indwelling the muladhara chakra. It is said to be the generator of ambitions, enthusiasm and cheerfulness. Kundalinii is depicted in some of the yoga scriptures as a female serpent lying coiled up and dormant in the muladhara. The downward secretions through the genital organs are described as the poisonous discharges of this serpent. If activated (by rigorous sadhanas of kundalini jagarana under the adept guidance of a spiritual master), the upward flow of this latent elixir stimulates the extrasensory energy field of kama and inspires creativity, youthfulness, optimism and joy; thus paving the way for spiritual enlightenment and attainment of supernatural capabilities.

As stated earlier, kundalini jagarana is an arduous sadhana. Its simile with the churning of an ocean appears to be quite appropriate. The latent force of the vital energy is refined and gradually activated in this process. This activated current of prana rises up from the muladhara and enters the brahmrandhras as a quavering wave through the sushumna nadi .

The sahastrara chakra is likened to a divine lotus in the rhetoric style of the ancient scriptures on yoga and meditation. Lotus is regarded as the symbol of divine purity and of celestial beauty and art in the Indian culture. The scriptures depict the Goddess Lakshmi as sitting on a lotus. Four-armed Lord Vishnu is shown to hold a padma (lotus) in one hand and shankha, chakra and gada in the three others.

 The sahastrara chakra in the subtle body like the brain in the physical body, is indeed the most important link for the existence and manifestation of the individual consciousness and for the linkage of the jivatma with its absolute origin, Parmatma. During meditation, this essence of spiritual energy is concentrated upon as the reservoir of the Supreme Powers of Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

The sahastrara is also described to be the indwelling satguru the ultimate source of celestial guidance. The occult science of the sadhana of kundalini jagarana is regarded as Brahm-Vidya (the supreme knowledge of the Brahm). It is not available in a detailed/ complete form in the present era except in the memories of the rare, truly awakened spiritual masters who have attained highest levels of self- realization.

The rise in the level of the latent vital energy residing in the muladhara and its union with the Supreme Consciousness Force in the sahastrara through the arousal of the gigantic force of kundalini results in the enlightened charging and sublimation of kama into its original Divine Bliss. It is indeed the highest state of accomplishment of brahmcharya, in which the power of kama is not only completely protected from being debased in the disgusting act of carnal sex but is also sublimated and transmuted into its pure, eternal form of Divine Bliss. The sacred power of spiritualised kama awakens the divinity hidden in the human self. Attainment of supernatural talents and purity of sentiments are only by-products of this Supreme transformation.

1. Swadhyaya and Satsang: Enlightening discourses, discussions and study of the sagacious thoughts and glorious works of great personalities on different aspects of life.
2. Brahmrandhras: The inlets of the sahastrara chakra.
3. Brahm: Absolute Truth, Knowledge and Bliss. The eternal expression of cosmic Consciousness.

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