We hear our own echoes and see our own reflected images

Nov - Dec 2003

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Happiness is normally sought in worldly objects, relationships, incidents and circumstances. Such a search is misplaced.
Had this been true, people who possess ample resources and who don’t have to face any adversities, should have been always happy and satisfied. On the other hand, people who are poor and who are living against heavy odds should all have been unhappy.

Happiness is an attitude of mind, which is determined by a person’s viewpoint towards life.

A person endowed with true humility has an attitude of acceptance gladly of all that life brings to him/her; and this is what self-refinement and self-transcendence mean. Further, more a person cultivates this attribute, more happier he/she will be.

One who has the habit of faultfinding, negativity and seeing evil in others, will remain a captive of this self-destructive attitude regardless of favorable circumstances as far as outer life is concerned. It is like dirtying one’s own clothes by himself throwing mud on them. On the other hand, mind can definitely be so trained as to see the goodness, even though covered, in all persons and situations. It is one’s own echo that is returned by the dome. 

It is like a ball thrown against the wall rebounds to the place where it was thrown from. It is one’s own personality that is reflected by others and gives pleasant or unpleasant impressions accordingly. That is why this world has been given the analogy of a mirror -the mirror honestly reflects the image of the view facing it.

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