Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (A University Established for the Cultural Renaissance of the World)

Jan - Feb 2003

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The progress of any nation is dependent on the fully developed personality of its citizens, of which youth comprise a significant proportion. The personality of the young generation is highly influenced by education. However, worldwide, the current education system is not structured to develop the personality of students, and does not guide them towards a purposeful path of life through which they can live happily and peacefully as well as be competent enough to fight difficulties. In the olden times, universities such as Nalanda and Takshashila accomplished the task of guiding students in the right direction by imparting spiritual knowledge on a practical basis, that is, how ideals can be incorporated in personality considering the prevalent trends in the society. In the 21st century, Shantikunj has taken up this challenging task in the form of Dev Sanskrati Vishwavidyalaya (Divine Culture University). The University is the fulfillment of the vision of Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharma, the patron founders of All World Gayatri Pariwar.

How will the university realise the above task?
It will do so by reviving the rishi tradition. Universities founded by seers and sages in ancient India had been the centres for the propagation of the Divine Indian Culture through which cultural values enjoyed a global outreach. In these universities both the masters and disciples practiced a life dedicated to cultural values. Students at the Dev Sanskrati Vishwavidyalaya will be inspired to live an austere, ascetic life conforming to high ideals. Usual lifestyle is besieged by various unwanted habits and tendencies, which motivate actions onto a path opposite to the desired aims. Such actions ultimately bring remorse at the awakening of wisdom and self-analysis. However difficulties never overpower a person whose life is disciplined. He never feels depressed by the obstacles of time; rather, he overcomes them effectively. Students will be inspired, in part, by teachers who themselves would be practicing ascetic lifestyle.

The Dev Sanskrati Vishwavidyalaya, Shantikunj Hardwar symbolizes the revival of the divine glory of the Vedic, Rishi Culture. It is established with the dawn of the new millennium in the sacred Himalayan region near Shantikunj, Hardwar, Uttaranchal, India. This is the land purified and sanctified by the holy currents of the Ganga and the eternal radiance of spirituality and religion invoked by the devout tapa-sadhanas of the great rishis, munis, saints and yogis since times immemorial. The aim of this unique university  the Dev Sanskrati Vishwavidyalaya  is to amplify and expand across the globe the sublime energy of their angelic vibrations. sadhanas

Admissions to the departments of Yoga, Philosophy and Psycho-Ayurveda have begun from July 2002. The following departments are proposed to be fully operational in the first phase.

1. Sadhana Department:

The subtle science of yoga, sadhana and spirituality devised by the sages of yore will be thoroughly studied, reinvestigated and applied in new scientific light. Specific activities include:

  •  Basic Education and Practical Training on the Science of Mantras and Yoga Sadhanas.
  •  Research Experiments in the Science of Mantras and the Science of Yoga  including Hathayoga, Rajayoga, Layayoga, Mantrayoga, etc, in specialized laboratories. Devising simple and effective methods considering the circumstances and complexities of life today will also be emphasized here; 
  • Sadhana Practices for elimination of the evil and untoward tendencies, impressions and hidden complexes assimilated in the subtle folds of mind and refinement of the inner self will be taught under adept guidance and with scientific explanation;
  • Research on the specific sadhanas for arousal of supernormal potentials and spiritual evolution of human self. Organization of short-term and long-term training courses and workshops on enlightened development of personality to render the benefits of the findings to the aspirants; 
  • Comprehensive studies and research on the essence of different religious philosophies and realistic unification of science and spirituality.

 2. Department of Health:

 Research, education and service towards vibrant health for all is the major objective of this faculty. The ongoing and proposed projects are -

(i) Specialized courses based on alternate systems of healing such as  Ayurveda, Magnetotherapy, Physiotherapy, Pranika Healing, Psychic Healing, Yoga-therapy, etc will be conducted for imparting practical training and also for advanced knowledge.

Research & Development Centre for Herbal Medicine Research:

An advanced, non- conventional research centre will be opened to carry out 

  • Rigorous scientific research on Herbal Healing, Yagyopathy, and Psycho-Ayurveda in well equipped modern research laboratories; 
  • Studies and applications of affordable and effective preventive and therapeutic remedies against challenging psychosomatic disorders and diseases;
  • Training of dedicated, eminent doctors who would revive the noble traditions of rishis like Charak and Jeevak by offering their services for the wellbeing of the masses 
  • Resurrection of the glory of the Vedic Science of Medicine & Vibrant Health.
 3. Department of Integrated Education:

The domain of activities here is quite vast. Principal focus would be to remove the lacunae in the present system of education by nurturing vidya that effectuates cultural evolution and transformation of the intellect into sagacious & compassionate intelligence. The initial plans are:
  • Teaching of the major languages of the world so that the true spirit of the divine rishi culture and the Indian Philosophy could reach in every corner of the globe without any barrier;
  •  In-depth study of all aspects of the Indian culture and the eternal ethics of humanity. Search for the harmonious blending of the different streams of religious faiths that would constitute the basic principles of a global religion, which is going to be the religion of the entire human race in future; 
  • Selected, integrated and broad based elective course programs incorporating suitable components of the modern and ancient sciences to cultivate scientific knowledge and acumen in the students along with instructions in religion, philosophy, art and culture; 
  • Development of a new generation of Kaudinyas and Kumarjivas who would be the exponents of divine culture and would spread the light of Vedic knowledge across the globe.
 4. Department of Self - Reliance:

Projects and plans to counter the employment crisis and offer viable support and hope to the youths will be implemented here.
  • Resource management, hospital management, herbal pharmacies, temple management, school management, etc, have lot of scope in the rural context. New educational and practical training projects would be implemented in this regard. 
  • Special course programmes would be offered to cultivate self-confidence and the notion of self-reliance and industriousness against comfort driven attitude.
  •  Different kinds of vocational courses would be offered to address the needs and opportunities of different geographical regions. Eco-friendly projects on small-scale industry and self-employment schemes would also be drawn up.
  •  Workshops and counselling sessions will be arranged to improve the status of the youths and provide them timely guidance and support.
Each of the ongoing and proposed activities of the university would accelerate the flow of the nectar of the divine Vedic Culture in the soul of humanity. It promises a brilliant exaltation of the calibre of Indian youth by endowing them with courage, wisdom, confidence, integrity, creative talents, zeal, assiduity and compassion for all beings. The Non Resident Indians as well as people of foreign origin would also benefit immensely from the unique spiritual attainments of the rishis of yore, rare knowledge of the Vedas and first hand experience of the methods of sadhana and the science of mantras.

The spiritual energy and the sublime magnetism of tapa-sadhanas immanent in Shantikunj have attracted many great souls and inspired them towards dignified, soul-fulfilling life. The energetic ambience and the multifaceted activities here are living testimonies of the authenticity and feasibility of the promises projected with the university-proposal.

 The University also aims to provide, by including in its academic syllabi and research schemes, firm resolutions to solve current pertinent problems facing us, such as ecological imbalances, physical and mental health problems, cultural devaluation, the collapse of the family system, etc.

Dev Sanskrati Vishwavidyalaya is not an ordinary academic institute; it is rather a centre of spiritual and cultural transformation, the objectives of which are building ideal personalities, ideal families and an ideal society. Every teacher and student of this institution will be an active participant in this enlightening campaign.

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