Companions in Solitude-2: Entrance into the deeps of the Himalayas

If this be so, it is sheer folly of the flies. The forest is made by God; not by them. They must stay atop the trees and make their living. Their greed to occupy and keep for themselves the entire territory is unreasonable; for they have no use of the whole territory. They should also understand that this world is a co-operative venture, and it is only proper that it is equitably shared by all. They should have had the forbearance to let us pass through it enjoying the beauty, the green cool shade of the trees and fragrance of the wild flowers. Instead of showing magnanimity, they stung us, lost their stings; some of them were even mauled to death and others badly injured. Had they not exhibited their mad anger in this way, they could have spared themselves from the unnecessary harm they suffered and the ill-will and bad impression that they created on us. From all angles their attack and greed of power did not exhibit wisdom. They proved themselves true to their name, "Yellow flies" implying "mean creatures". But why blame the poor flies alone? Why should they alone be call foolish? We, the human beings, are also behaving in a similarly avaricious way. The vast resources created by the Almighty to be equitably shared and used by all, are being rapaciously grabbed by a few of us for ourselves alone. We never pause to think that the needs of the body and even our family are limited and that our amassing the nature’s resources beyond our needs would deprive others of even their bare survival needs. The excess acquisition only helps feed the ego’s insatiable hunger of being the owner of vast resources; which one cannot keep with oneself for ever. Man too, like the yellow flies, gets blinded by greed and selfishness. He does not acknowledge the nature’s eternal law of mutual caring and sharing. He does not care two hoots for the suffering caused to others by his self-aggrandizement. The yellow flies went back after stinging and chasing us for half a mile. But when I think of the horrific misdeeds perpetrated by man intoxicated by the craze for pelf, power, and self-indulgence, I feel shy of blaming the bees, who live by survival instinct of their species and are not endowed, like humans, with discriminative intelligence (which can distinguish between the good and the bad). How sad that so few of us consciously exercise this gift of the Creator!

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