Fulfillment of desires through yajna

Sansadhyeshan mantrena tilhomo vashikaraha / Jayaha padmaistu durvabhiha shantikama palashjaiha // Pushtisyatkak pakshena mritidvaishadikam bhavet / Grahkshudrabhayapattim sarvameva manurbhavet // Meaning: All are enamored by performing havan with sesame seeds employing a perfected ishan mantra. Victory is achieved by performing havan with lotuses. One, who desires peace, should perform havan with durva. Nourishment is achieved by performing havan with the flowers of palash (Butea Frondosa). All the sins are destroyed by kak paksha. Evil stars, fear, calamity, etc, almost all the adversities (to come) are eliminated. Several experiments of this type have been described at several places in ancient scriptures. In spite of their usefulness and their beneficial effects, only personal profit is sought through these yajnas. But when the question of making the entire human race healthy, wealthy and wise arises, the lawgiver sages say with one voice the following: Ashvamedhapyayita devam vrishthayutyargena manavaha / Apyayanam vaikurvanti yajnaha kalyanahetavaha // Meaning: The gods pleased in the Ashvamedh shower welfare and happiness. The present series of mahayajnas which is meant for eliminating the ill-effects of Kali (the age of sin) and building the atmosphere of Satyug (golden age), is supernatural from the point of view of accomplishing the desires of yajaks (people participating in the yajna). Long back kings like Prithu, Ambarish, etc; and the priests like Vashishtha, Deval, etc performed this great experiment and through it made all the human beings Purnakam by satisfying all their righteous desires. The same experiment is being conducted these days on a large scale by the Yuga transforming powers. Participating yajaks will feel lucky and contented. The spiritual transformation in their lives as a result of this yajna will rejoice them for a longtime to come.

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