Mastery of the Mind - Key to Success in All Endeavors

Meaning - This yoga that has been declared by Thee of the nature of equality, O, Madhusudan, I see no stable foundation for it owing to restless. Restless indeed is the mind, O, Krishna; it is vehement, strong and difficult to bend; I deem it as hard to control as the wind.

(Gita 6/33, 34)

Lord Krishna, too, considered the control of mind a difficult task and the Blessed Lord had earlier, in chapter 2, stated: Yatato hyapi kaunteya purushasya vipashchitaha Indriyani pramathini haranti prasabham manaha That is, The turbulent senses, O son of Kunti, do violently snatch away the mind of even a wise man who is striving after perfection.

(Gita 2-60)

Indriyanam hi charatam yanmanoanu vidhiyate Tadasya harati pragyam vayurnavamivambhasi That is - For the mind, which follows on the wake of wandering senses, carries away his / her discrimination, as a wind (carries away from its course) a ship on the waters.

(Gita 2-67)

Lord Buddha described the fickleness of mind as- Yo sahassam sahassen sangame manuse jine Aikam cha jaiyya atanam sa vai sangam jutayo

(Dhamma Pada- 103)

That is - A person may conquer thousands of people in war thousands of times, but the greatest winner is one who has conquered his own self (mind). True the unsteadiness of the mind in its ordinary state of immersion in ignorance is natural and controlling it extremely difficult, but it is not impossible. Once one understands the harmful effects of the fickleness of the mind and the beneficial effects of its mastery, then it would definitely be possible to move forward in the direction of mental steadiness and steadfastness. Sunrays fall on the body and it is possible to bear them even during extreme hot weather because the rays are scattered. If the same rays are focused at one point by a convex lens, no part of the body will be able to bear that concentrated heat. Any cloth can be burnt by it. A fire can be lit anywhere with that heat. In fact now-a-days, this method is being used for utilization of the solar energy for accomplishing different tasks.

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