The Spirit of Wonder and Adventure

It is possible that the evolutionary journey could now lead us to a condition of wonder as a replacement for myth? Could our acceptance of death be based in the immediacy of our connection with life? In awakened awareness we directly experience the breath of existence without knowing its origin or destination. This suffices for a feeling of belonging because we sense that it permeates everything else. It also provides an understanding of impersonal continuation, not a continuation of the personal me but of the fundamental essence from which I emerged and which suffuses my every cell. Many of the ideas in modern science correspond with these feelings, which explains why so many scientists are mystically inclined. Paradoxically, the more we comprehend of nature, the greater is the mystery of whatever intelligence informs it. Science is therefore not a departure from the mystical; it is ultimately an embrace of it. Science is a threat to religion, not to mysticism. Scientific discoveries continually disprove many religious beliefs while at the same time revealing the existence of an intelligence that pervades everything, the recognition of which coincides exactly with the mystical experience. When scientists or mystics look deeply into what seems to be emptiness or space, what they find is some kind of presence. Quantum physics now tells us that particles emerge out of so-called emptiness, out of pure space. We can eliminate all particles from a given amount of space, such that the space is seemingly devoid of anything whatsoever, and suddenly elementary particles will emerge. They will simply appear out of the void. They are somehow already there in potentia. What could possibly be the operating system that powers this fecund emergence? I once asked my teacher if he thought that love was what powered creation, and he answered. "I donít even call it love. It is some kind of fullness, such as the fullness of the ocean when there are no waves." A burgeoning wholeness merging into itself. And within this wholeness, stardust is looking at itself and wondering,"Who am I?"

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