Ayurvedic Therapies-3: Ayurvedic decoction therapy - II

2. Ashwagandha Kwatha: It is supposed to be an excellent tonic for enhancing physical and mental vigor. It helps eliminate fatigue and induce vibrant freshness.

Ingredients: Ashwagandha 1/2 tsp, Mulahathi 1 tsp, Vidarikanda 2 tsp, Vidhara 1 tsp, Goksharu 1 tsp, Nagarmotha 1 tsp, Dashamula 1 tsp, Shatavara 1 tsp.

Saraswati Panchak Kwatha: It is an excellent brain tonic for the students, teachers, writers and others occupied mainly with mental work. The usually prescribed doses are 1 tsp twice a day for the children; and 20 ml twice a day for the adults. It should be taken in the morning and in the evening. Saraswati Panchak may also be used in dry powder form; 1/4 tsp (for the children) and 1 tsp (for the adults) of the powder should be taken each time with milk, honey or ghee and sugar. It is notable that its composition (described below) was suggested by Rev. Gurudev, Yugrishi Pt. Shriram Sharma himself. Ingredients: Brahmi 1 tsp, Shankhapulpi 1 tsp, Mithi (sweet) Bacha 1 tsp, Gorakhamundi 1 tsp, Shatavara 1 tsp.

3. Triphala Kwatha: It is an effective natural medicine against constipation and some other problems of the digestive system. The proportion of Sanaya-leaf and Amaltasa (or Anvla, as the case be,) may vary according to the extent and type of disease. Ingredients: Harada 1 tsp, Baheda 1 tsp, Sanaya-leaf 2 tsp, Anwala 1 tsp. One tsp of Amaltasa-pulp should be used instead of Anwala for people residing at cold places (e.g. on the hills) or people suffering from arthritis, joints-pain or prone to sour throat, cold, etc.

4. Ashoka Kwatha: It is prescribed to heal leucorrhoea and several gynaecological diseases. Ingredients: Ashoka 1 tsp, Lodhra 1 tsp, Ashwagandha 1 tsp, Nagarmotha 1 tsp, Shatavara 1/2 tsp, Mulahathi 1 tsp, Neem Chhala 1/2 tsp, Ulata Kambal 1 tsp, Giloya 1 tsp, Padmakha 1 tsp, Khunkharaba 200 mg.

5. Kanchanara Kwatha: If taken with appropriate diet restriction as per the advice of the Ayurvedic doctors, this eliminates disorders of thyroid and thus relieves one of the problems of hypothyroidism, goiter etc. Ingredients: Kancanara Chhala 2 tsp, Sharpunkha 1 tsp, Giloya 2 tsp, Punarnava 1 tsp, Bharangi 1 tsp, Ashoka 1 tsp, Arjuna 1 tsp, Varuna 1 tsp, Ashwagandha 1/2 tsp, Sariva 1 tsp, Shatavara 1 tsp, Kayaphala 1 tsp.

Method of Preparation: The method of preparing the kwathas described in this and the previous article is similar to that for most other types of herbal decoctions. Clean it and then grind to make a coarse powder of each of the constituent herb/plant medicine. If these are to be used for several days, the dry powders thus prepared may be kept in airtight boxes.

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