Let the Spirit of Spring Permeate and Uplift Your Life

Translation of Excerpts from the Discourse on Vasanti Panchami Day February 1981: "Vasanti Huka, Umang, Aur Ullas Yadi A Jaye Jivan Me" Let us begin with a collective chanting of the Gayatri Mantra: "Om Bhur Buvah Swah, Tatsaviturvarenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi, Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat ||" Sisters and Brothers, "Vasant Panchami" (auspicious fifth day of the month "Magha" of the Indian lunar Calendar) marks the emergence of Spring. It is the day of enthusiasm, inspiration, inner illumination. The advent of spring sparks an awakening and exultation in Nature, in all living beings. Such a spring had brought about a sea-change in the life of Samarth Guru Ramdas (the noble Guru of Chhatrapati Shivaji) in his early youth  "cant I make a better use of my life?" was what he was pondering over at that time There, his family was busy in preparations of his marriage, and here in some corner of the house he began to see the consequences wife, then children, then children of the children, their marriages and so on. His awakened soul instantly warned  Is this what you are born for? Look at the dignity of your life; there could be another path, the path worthy of greatness! With this he began to realize the majestic value, the purpose of his life.
This was the moment of great transformation, quantum leap, in his life. Such was the force of this exaltation that he did not look back, continued to rise higher and higher in his life. Nothing could stop him; he cast away the bridegrooms costumes from his body and ran away in search of the path of ultimate light. So, what did this emotional splash of spring do? It transformed an ordinary boy, a teenager, into a great spiritual master, a saint, an immortal Guru. Spring induces some kind of umang (inspiring enthusiasm and enchanting, enlightening emotional thrust) in every heart. Its nature and extent depends upon what we deserve. Adi Shankaracharyas awakening umang was also born around Vasant Panchami. His mother had lots of expectations from this bright child, that  "he would be a big officer, a prosperous, successful man; he will get married and bring a nice daughter-in-law for me, I will enjoy the company of my grandchildren". Sensing Shankars inclination towards ascetic life, she even used to warn him that he will have to suffer the pangs of hell for the sin of not obeying his mother.
The umang awakened in this child gave him the courage to face all hurdles; he was prepared to go to any hell during or beyond this life if it were a must for pursuing the goal of ultimate realization. One day he entered the deep waters in the village-river and screamed for his mothers help.
He told her  "I am about to be drowned and die this very moment, but I am seeing God standing to save me only under one condition. HE (God) is asking you to offer my life to Him (for His work) then HE would save and protect me forever". Now his mother had no choice. She agreed and said "Okay! I am ready to make this sacrifice for saving your life". Shankar jumped out of the swirling waters that very moment and touched her feet on the banks of the river. He said to his mother" look God has saved me, but now I am His".
You will find many such examples of the umang of Vasant in the history. Fifty-five years ago (in Feb. 1926), the day of Vasant Panchami had blessed me with enormous bliss and fortune. It brought my divine Guru to me.
The angelic light of his aura appeared before me; it induced the divine impulse of self-realization and enlightenment in me. It was on this auspicious day that I had met my eternal guide and was blessed by his shaktipata upon me. Today we are gathered here on this sacred day of Vasant Panchmi.
I wish that it could bring the same good fortune for you all, bless you with the same inspiration. What did my divine mentor do? What is shaktipata? Often people have misconceptions about shaktipata; that some electrical current like brilliance is transmitted from the eyes or hands of the spiritual master which enters the body of the disciple and gives a shock like treatment. No, this is not shaktipata. It does not work at the level of the gross body. It is in fact a sublime process of awakening, empowering and exalting the inner consciousness-force of the deserving disciple by the spiritual will of the Guru. The elevated power of consciousness is reflected in the enlightenment, sublime transmutation of the intrinsic tendencies, thoughts, convictions and inner sentiments; and not as any current of light experienced in the body.
The force of evolved consciousness is that which induces immense courage and foresight of adopting and firmly standing for higher values and ideals. A tiny fish traverses the great depths and lengths of the oceans against the direction of the flow of water. Similar is the case of awakened consciousness. No resistance, no obstacle, howsoever mighty, can ever hinder or deflect its chosen path. In ordinary case, one can't even imagine how difficult it is to follow an ideal against the worldly trends of selfish pursuits. One has to face uncountable obstructions, challenges, dangers and immeasurable resistance from multiple directions  the pressures and attractions of attachment with family, friends, the fears of society, and what not; above all ones own weaknesses, ingrained habits and intrinsic tendencies make it almost impossible for one to proceed along the path of noble ideals. One who can do that is indeed spiritually empowered in my view.
This is the spiritual force that my angelic master had bequeathed to me with by his shaktipata. The shaktipata gave me the courage to come out of the house against all odds and work for the freedom movement under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi at the young age of barely twenty years. I even had to go to jail and face tortures at the hands of the British government; but the inner power enabled me to continue my march on the path of self-unfoldment, along with honest transaction of all the duties  including familial and social responsibilities  assigned by my Guru.
There never was a looking back, no agony for the sufferings that came on the way. This is what is called the marvelous power of determination inspired by shaktipata. What happened in Meerabais life is another example of shaktipata.
This ardent devotee of Lord Krishna was under tremendous pressure from the in-laws family; they were against her going out of the palace or calling satsang inside the palace; even her saintly life-style and engrossment in her devotion of Krishna was unbearable to many of them. Helpless Meera wrote to her contemporary saintly poet Goswami Tulasidas to advise her about what she should do; what should be her duty in those circumstances? Tulsidas explained to her that; such was the law of the world; circumstances dont change according to ones ideals or resolutions. One has to change ones attitude, mental conditioning for the desired results. In fact, he sent her a couplet of poetry that said.
Jake Priya Na Rama Vaidehi, Tajiye Tahi Koti Bairi Sama Yadyapi Param Sanehi | (Meaning: You should leave those who do not love Lord Ram and Sita (Father-Mother God) even if they happen to be your nearest ones). These words worked like a shaktipata on Meerabais mind and gave it the light of the spirit and soul-courage to pursue what eventually made her a true saint, an immortal example of supreme devotion. I keep recalling these lines of Goswami Tulsidas they generate an inexplicable joy and power in me. The power of spirit awakened by such shaktipatas is indeed immense. I have experienced it myself. It is with this enlightened force that I have stood successfully for the divine ideals and principles against even the great Mahamandaleshwaras,the Shankaracharyas, the so-called religious leaders of our times.
I have collided against heavy golden shields and broken them (routed all the adversities and avarice that tried hindering my ethical, altruistic path). Be that social reformation, revival of our Rishi Culture in scientific light, upliftment of women, mass awareness against blind religious traditions, I have marched alone on every front; my inner courage, the light of my awakened soul have enabled me to surmount all obstacles.
This is how I could launch the grand missions of Vichar Kranti and Yug Nirman Yojna, to destroy the smog of evils and ignorance prevailing in the minds of people and lay the foundation of an era of bright future for all. It looks as if every pore of my being filled by immense vigor, valor and courage like that of Rishi Parshuram. If people see any sign of a social reformer or a great personality in me it is all an expression of the shaktipata beatified by my Guru on that Vasant Panchami day in 1926.
The awakening of kundalini is said to bestow siddhis and riddhis (spiritual attainment of supernormal talents and angelic potentials). With the help of these, an accomplished sadhaka or siddha yogi can miraculously help others and also reach higher realms in his own spiritual ascent. My Guru came, activated my inner consciousness and awakened my kundalini.
This resulted in the flow of viveka (spiritually illumined wisdom) and karuna (saintly love and compassion) within me and eventually beatified me with enduring contentment, peace and bliss. This is what we are blessed with as we dedicate all that we have in the performance of our duties as per the enlightened guidance of viveka and saintly impulse of karuna. People come here with full of varied sufferings and tensions of worldly life; with tears in their eyes they come to me for help. My heart pulsates to absorb all their pains. I experience limitless inner peace and blissful repose in allaying their agonies, resolving their problems, eradicating the adversities of their lives.
I cannot describe in words the dreaded physical and mental ailments that I have seen people suffering from. Many come here to get rid of their beastly tendencies, the sinful life they have been living so far.
How to tell you, how contented (glad) I feel by helping them out, by liberating and uplifting their lives, by giving them happiness. You see! All this is the astonishing power of awakened kundalinii. On the Vasant Panchami day every year I keep thinking that all of you present here should also share in my precious fortune and lead your lives to glorious heights; may your noble deeds and names become immortal on the golden pages of the annals of humanity. Your life should rise above its present states of suffering and perversion.
You should be able to resolve all your problems your self and also have the potential to help others getting rid of their problems.
Then you will not have to come to me and beg  "Guruji! Kindly save me; remove my sufferings, etc".
Your life should be such that I, the Guru himself will come to you and ask for assistance, your active collaboration in his altruistic world-uplifting efforts. Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa himself used to go to Narendra (Vivekananda), seeking his help in dissemination of devotion and knowledge, in transforming the society. A tongue cannot work like a mike and a mike alone is of no use without a tongue (voice), combination of both serves the purpose. The voice (message) of the Guru is spread through the mike (efforts) of the disciples. My Guru is the voice and I am his mike.
I want you also to be able to do the same in turn. I would like you to be worthy of spreading divine message. If you could cultivate this ability, there would be no delay in the working of His grace in your lives. God keeps the boons of shaktipata and kundalinii ready in His hands to bestow them upon deserving souls.
You could also receive them provided you have the desired level of shraddha (inner faith and dedication) and patrata (worthiness). We have taken up the mission of revival of the vedic knowledge and rishi traditions of Yagya along with Gayatri Vidya. We have now introduced the medium of "Gyan Rathas" to spread this knowledge through missions publications. You may devote two valuable hours per day (or equivalent time per week) for this noble task.
This would indeed be more virtuous than singing devotional songs or worshiping divine idols for the same time.
My Guru had asked for my time and efforts. I dedicated every moment of my life for His work. Well, in return, he bestowed on me so many boons, endowed me with gifts that could not have been attainable by tapa and upasana for several lives.
This is what I am entreating you to do. Please give me a fraction of your time and effort to disseminate the knowledge and ideals of spirituality. If you expect to gain something, you will also have to give something. Higher attainments demand greater sacrifices.
The Shastric Scriptures describe of "Ekada Naimisaranye"  referring to the conversation of rishis Shaunak and Suta that focuses on the sagacious discussions of the saints, the thinkers, the Brahmins of that time in the lush forest-fields of Namisharnya. I had also wanted to develop a Naimisharnya for the present Age, where people would live for pure selfless love, enlightenment and high ideals; where they would amicably share each others joy and sorrows; where they would happily sacrifice their selfish desires and comforts for the welfare of the world.
This is what I expect to happen in Shantikunj and its newer expansion Gayatri Nagar. I inaugurate the Gayatri Nagar with this expectation and with full confidence in my Gurus assurance that all my aims devoted to attainment of divine goals would be accomplished gloriously.                                               || OM SHANTI ||

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