Occult Science of Astrology and its Role in Healing and Health

Astrology and spiritual science both agree that a personís moment of birth has special significance. Undoubtedly, every moment of time is important but the birth moment exercises continuing influence on the whole course of embodied life. Why is it so? The answer is that special currents of the cosmic energy meet every moment at one point or the other in a specific arrangement and quantum. It is in these moments of convergence that the birth of a person takes place. This precise moment decides in what sequence these energy currents will meet in future and what influence they will cast on the course of his life. The astrologers prepare horoscope or diagrammatic representation of the energy cycle of every sentient or insentient entity. This cycle is generally based on the nine planets or nine primary currents of the cosmic energy and twelve special currents forming the zodiac signs. If the calculation is accurate, it will reveal the resultant effect of the confluent energy currents on the lives of these entities. Manís position is somewhat different. He is neither completely non-conscious like matter nor semi-conscious like plants or animals. He is self-conscious. He is richly endowed with the powers of reason and discrimination. That is why he is capable of adapting and modifying the effects of the cosmic energy waves falling upon him. Astrology looks into the intricate pattern of a personís birth-moment-based energy cycle and determines when, and in what way, a particular energy current is likely to cast its influence on his life. This cycle also tells which actions and sanskaras of the past, otherwise called fate, caused the personís birth at that precise instant. This kind of knowledge constitutes one aspect of astrology (jnana jyotisa). Its other aspect is concerned with methodology of adjustment with these energy currents, that is, it prescribes the conscious steps a person may take to enhance the effects of his good luck or opportune moments, or to mitigate the impact of bad phases lying in store for him as per astrological readings of his horoscope. There are many efficacious and helpful methods prescribed in Jyotish Shastra for different situations. It is for the spiritual healer to intelligently and intuitively select or reject a particular method. It all depends on his own depth and range of knowledge. Unfortunately, there are very few scholars today who are equally adept in both spiritual sadhana and astrological science. But some decades back, this rare confluence was seen in Swami Vishuddhanandji who was the guru of Dr. Gopinath Kaviraj, a great scholar of Indology. The former had acquired this twin expertise from his enlightened gurus during his sadhana days in the divinely charged environs of Gyanganj Siddhapeeth located in the astral realm in a remote region of Tibet. Swamiji was greatly skilled in all the three branches or aspects of astrology viz. Ganita Jyotisa (mathematical or computational astrology), Yoga Jyotisa and Deva Jyotisa (astrology of the gods).

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