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The Extra Sensory Potentials of Mind

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  • The Wonders Of The Negligible
  • Cosmic Evolution In The Human Body
  • The Seeds of Super Knowledge Lie In Every Brain
  • Arcane Energy Centers In Human Body
  • The Source Of Eminent Talents
  • The Core of Infinite Potentials
  • Riddles of Nature – Challenges For The Intellect!
  • Hypnotism May Help Unfolding Of The Unconscious
  • Human Mind Or A Living Encyclopedia?
  • Vision Of The Hidden Eye
  • The Key Of Total Health Folded In The Neuronal Network
  • So Wonderful Is Our Mental Communication!
  • The Unique Power Of Thoughts
  • Telepathy Is Real And Feasible
  • The Musical Instrument Of Human Body
  • Photographing The Imaginary
  • Our Prodigious Subliminal Powers
  • The Magical Effects of Brain-Activities
  • Mental Strength For Desired Success
  • Accidental Emergence Of E.S.P
  • Decipher The Hidden Treasures
  • The Complexity Of Mind
  • Attainment Of Divine Potentials By Stimulation Of Sahastrara
  • The Amazing And Unknown World Living In The Human Body
  • Arousing The Dormant Might
  • The Linkage Of The Subtle With The Gross Body
  • Human Mind – Coherence Of Infinite Energy
  • The Latent Roots Of Powers
  • Know Your Future
  • Horizons Of Consciousness Beyond The Sensory Functions
  • Keep Your Mind Open – Know The Unknown
  • The Radio-Communication And Television Of The Brain
  • Scientific Investigations On Supernormal Faculties
  • Expression Of Hidden Talents
  • A Repository Of Supernatural Attainments
  • The Riddhis - Siddhis Endowed in The Inner Mind
  • Emergence of Siddhis In The Inner World By Yoga
  • Radiance Of Inner Strength
  • The Extra-terrestrial Voyage Of The Subtle Body
  • The Secrets Entangled In Obscurity
  • The Mystic Experiences In Awakened Hermitages
  • Live Experiences Of The Distant Past
  • Precognition – Philosophical Vision and Scientific Reality
  • The Other World – Some Unresolved Riddles
  • Hello, Planet Mars! One Second….., I Am Just Arriving
  • Timeless Existence
  • Time Machine Could Be Real!
  • Omnipresence Of Supreme Consciousness
  • Science In The Field Of Consciousness
  • Occult Facets Of Life In New Scientific Light
  • The Individual Mind Vs The Cosmic Mind
  • Commingling Of The Individual And The Cosmic Consciousness
  • Footnotes – Explanation of some terms of shastrik literature
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