The Integrated Science of Yagna

Gayatri and Yagna are considered to be the building blocks of the divine development of the human culture and civilization. While Gayatri encompasses the original knowledge part of the existence, expansion and evolution of the cosmos, Yagna deals with the corresponding domains of creativity and actions. The science and philosophy of Gayatri and Yagna were thoroughly practiced and propagated by the saints and sages of yore. Because of their direct impact on the physical, mental and spiritual development of human life, the principles and practices of these fundamental components of the ancient Indian culture have relevance in the modern times too. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of some sacred souls and eminent scholars, that the glory of the ancient knowledge and culture of India has not lost its glow despite traversing through the dark period of misinterpretations, aberrations and malignance during the medieval era. The noble contributions of Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya have been most significant in rousing the Indian Cultural values since past few decades and implementing the practices of Gayatri and Yagna as scientific experiments aimed at the welfare of all living beings.

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