Reviving the Vedic Culture of Yagya

Foundation of the vedic culture emanates from the philosophy and science of yagya. Yagya is the perennial symbol of this divine culture. No other topic is discussed so exten-sively in the Vedas as those pertaining to yagya. The vedic religion is principally based on yagya. The philosophy of yagya appears to be the life of Indology. Talking of the vedic age automatically flashes in our memory. the images of the great rishi-munis performing agnihotra-yagya. Not only the rishi-mum’s. but also the common men, the rich and the poor, the kings and the citizens...., in those days all had deep faith and respect for yagya and they used to sincerely par- ticipate and lend whole- hearted support in different kinds of yagyas. The saints and sddhus used to spend at least one- third of their lives in conducting yagyas.

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