Procedure of Gayatri Yagya

Fenn and spirit of wehe ritual .o.hip: of rag, Introduction Procedures for Effective Ritual Worship The ,pios and other modes of worship described in the karma-kancla section of Vedic Scriptures are not mere routine rituals. They are extraordinarily potent means of producing creative and occult energies of deeper and higher realms of subtle and invisible dimensions of conciousness. They are a culmination of long and deep research done by Indian Rishis. They providean audiovisual structure to the human endeavour of realising the divine consciousness within themselves by the practice of the subtle yogasadhann. The unseen powers that lie hidden within us are awakened and given an organised direction by these rituals. Even medicinal qualities can be produced in ordinary substances by applying various ritualistic means to the procedures of making medicines.

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