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• The Dawn of the Era of Divine Descent on Earth
• The Mirage of Progress
• The Need of the Hour
• Initiation of the Experiment and Future Plans
• The Perennial Source of Steadfast Aspiration and Motivation
• Grooming Architect of Society
• Integration of Science and Spirituality
• Door to Door Enilghtenment Through Dipa Yagyas
• What is Dipa Yagya?
• Dawn of The New Millennium
• The Future Scenario-Prophecies
• Shantikunj-The Craddle of Human Society in the Third Millennium
• Shantikunj - The Fount of Integrative Spirituality
• Tuning into The Waves of Spiritual Transmissions at Our Own Home
• The Life-Transforming Spiritual Power of Gayatri – An Example
• The Facilities of Training at Shantikunj
• Harnessing Women Power- A Revolution of The New Millennium
• The Main Theme of Ideological Revolution-Changing Attitudes of the Masses
• Inspired and Dedicated Volunteers Required for Establishing the New World Order
• The Divine Itself is the Invisible Puppeteer

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