The Spiritual Training and Adoration of Life Deity

It is human nature to ignore things which are too close or at a great distance. This applies to every aspect of life. We live every moment of life but do not understand its glory. We are unaware of super natural divine powers which can be attained by proper use of life. Man takes birth, fulfils his natural instincts of food, sex- indulgence, earning livelihood and ultimately possess away. There are rarely moments when it is pondered that human life is the greatest gift of god's treasure. One who has been gifted so kindly with human life is expected to make its best use, fulfil his imperfections and become great. He is expected like an efficient gar¬dener to maintain and beautify this garden of universe and prove that he has appropriate knowledge of what is selfish¬ness and what is universal good. Our interest lies in getting rid of unwholesomeness of sensuality and imbibing right¬eousness in adequate proportion. Those who succeed in utilizing trust get admission in the class of divine man. They not only safeguard their own welfare but help countless people in crossing over difficulties. Only such persons are great, praise- worthy and imitable. They get triple pleasures of fulfilment, satisfaction and peace.

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