Thrust O Finner - can make your Sadhana Miraculas (Sadhana Mein Pran Aajaye)

A person ’ s identity remains the same when he is dead. You would continue to refer to him by the same name; his face in the photographs would remain what it was when he was alive. Every one who knew him will recognize that face, as before. Unless it is damaged due to some accident or so, the face of a dead-body looks the same as what it were when the person was alive. Those of you who have seen some relative ’ s or acquaintance ’ s dead body must have noticed it! A person, who was alive moments before, is now dead; no change in the appearance of his body, but it is now his dead-body. Why? What has changed? You may say that his heart is no longer beating; his body is not moving, etc. But you see, the biochemical activities inside continue in the dead-body as well! That is what accounts for its gradual biodegradation. So instead of heartbeat and other normal reactions, some new activities start in the body. If no preservatives are applied, these reactions progress very rapidly. What was that which used these degrading reactions earlier? What was that because of which there was auto-regulation of the body- functions including the heartbeats and the brain impulses?

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