Religion and Science

Preface Our sagacious ancestors of the Vedic Age had gifted . with precious heritage of the yoga-science of well-being. However, with changing civilizations and attitudes towards life, in the course of time, people largely became materialistic and ignored the ancient sciences. Subsequent single-tracked commercialized civilization and inclination towards bodily comforts and sensual pressures has raised several problems in the present times. One is so busy making money and seeking more and more comforts that one tends to neglect the fact that the mind-body system is also like a machine, which needs careful maintenance and 're-charging' of its components and power units. As a result, one is facing unprecedented threats and challenges on the health front. Preventive measures and augmentation of stamina and resistance are crucial if one wants to sustain a healthy and hearty life. Revival of sound practice of yoga therefore assumes greater relevance and importance today than ever before. This book introduces the real meaning and scope of yoga and presents a new method of practising it for strengthening and rejuvenation of body and mind. The method named "Pragya Yoga" is fast and feasible, yet, comprehensive-in-effect. It can be practised by people of all age groups without any cost or time constraints.

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