My Life - Its Legacy and Message

Hamari Vasiyat aur Virasat is the only authentic and authoritative autobiographical account written by Gurudev about himself; notwithstanding the various treatises and reminiscences written by parijans and scholars about his life and work.

special issue of Akhand Jyoti was published in April 1985, in which Gurudev wrote about the appearance of his own Gurudev (Divine Master) who lived in his astral form; his three previous births in the fifteenth, seventeenth and nineteenth centuries; his pilgrimages to the Himalayas and his meetings there with his Gurudev and other Rishi living in their astral forms and the saksmikarana sadhana that he had undertaken in 1984 to make himself a super¬conductive conduit for the flow of all-conquering Divine energy for the banishment of Evil from the human psyche on a global scale and thus facilitate the ushering in of the fast emerging New Era of Peace, Goodwill, Harmony and Love on Earth, notwithstanding the forebodings of the prophets of doom.

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