Married Life A Perfect Yoga

Association of man and woman has a very natural, important and useful purpose. This association has been going on from the creation of universe and shall go on till the end. In the normal course, this is willingly accepted by almost all adult men and women through the institution of marriage. However, in the recent past many distortions have gradually crept into the married life. As a result men and women do not find the desired satisfaction in each others company in marriage now. Due to these distortions and dissatisfaction, people begin to find fault with the institution of marriage and often treat it as a burden or tend to violate its norm or break it. Many prefer keeping off from it because of fear of responsibilities or because of deluded religious conceptions.Since the medieval times of cultural and social devolution a new line of thought began to be expressed everywhere by incompetent, self-centered and self-styled religious leaders. It was proclaimed that getting into the married life is a sign of weakness and inferiority, that households are doorways to hell, and that to don religious garbs renouncing all responsibilities of household is a road to heaven. This thought process began to be accepted everywhere in our country and as a result we see more than eight and half million men in religious garb moving around aimlessly.

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