Gayatri Sadhana - WhyHow ?

Gayatri. is the eternal source of thy willpower that motivates the origin and all activities of the visible and invisible forms of Nature. The rivers, oceans, the earth, the moon, the sun and the gamut of other planets, from tiniest particle to the universal expansion., everything is moving because of this cosmic driving force. It is the root of the impulse of life in the blossoming plants and trees that beautiful Nature. The force of life in all living beings originates from its presence. Its superior presence in the human beings is reflected in the intellect, which enables the progressive development of the world and ascent of human life. In extraordinary cases, this sublime power is expressed as spiritually evolved pure, discerning intelligence Retambhara Pragya. This enlightened wisdom helps one understand what is right and what is wrong and guides to choose the prudent path to the higher goals of life. This divine power mostly remains concealed in the inner cores of our minds. The determined endeavor of its arousal is termed sadhana. The activation of this subliminal force of Gayatri in the soul links the human self with the divine light and powers of thee. God is omnipresent in infinite dimensions. There is immanent in every movement, every activity, yet remains absolutely unperturbed and stable in the eternity.... The origin of Nature and the creation of the world are manifestation of thy wish to express thyself in multiple forms. The evolutionary impulse of they will gave rise to this cosmic creation. Being the original.

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